1 Death And 7 Death

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The following is a transcript of a broadcast which interrupted a broadcast of the Dr. Who serial Senescence of The Daleks in several midwestern markets. Cases of dementia animus rose 18% in the affected areas. All known tapings of the broadcast have been confiscated.

[Two green, skeletal figures appear on the screen, staring out with baleful, yellowed eyes that seem to see the viewer, even through the TV monitor. They are surrounded by darkness, and lit only by two candles placed on a blood-stained altar]

First Figure: We are the Alpha and Omega of your end. Your calendar begins with 1 Death and ends at 7 Death, and together we are the endless fields of non-existence which bracket your short lives.

Second Figure: And that's why we're thrilled that you've elected us as your President and Vice President for an unprecedented 1,274th four year term!

[Confetti rains down from the ceiling]

First Figure: We'd like to congratulate our honored opponents on a well-run, fair race, as well as offer our sincerest condolences to their friends and family.

Second Figure: But now is not the time to look backwards, but a time to look forwards, to Xibalba's glorious future! A future that will make us one of the foremost tourist destinations in all of-

[Broadcast interruption ends, and the normal broadcast resumes.]

1 Death and 7 Death are, in appearance, very like certain decorated skulls that have been recovered from various sites in Central America, which are shown below. Don't forget that they do have bodies! they aren't just disembodied skulls. But their bodies are as fancifully decorated and as broken and old as their faces.


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