Ancelin Anderly

Ancelin Anderly, Title, Dominus X

Aspect 0 ( 5 AMPs)
Persona 0 ( 5 PMPs)
Treasure 5 ( 5 TMPs)

Passion and Skills:
Skill: Affable Lab Dictator (4)
Cool (4)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions:
Affliction: There is always _something_ I forget (3)
Bond: Lace your traps with traps (5) (Anchors my lab that makes Mad-scientist weapons.)
Bond: I play at being a storybook villain, (and like the game better then the end) (4) (Anchors my Incredibly Sketchy Plans)
Affliction: Yet, almost against my will..I come closer to my deeper goals (3)
bond: I don't really want to _win_. (2) (Anchors my Getaway Vehicles (I only ever use one once))
bond: I am always in my uniform, and my assistants follow me more often then I say I like. (1) (Anchors my Animal Eared Ninja Secretary Lab-Assistants Eye-candy)

Those things explained by The Impossible Theories of Ancelin Anderly
…are or transform people into monsters.
…sort of serve Ancelin Anderly.
…are the center of incredibly sketchy schemes to drain things from the gullible. (Think Dark Kinddom stuff here)
…seem less impossible then they are.
…are rejected as impossible by natural law.
…cause the world to provide theme music, and makes things look like a movie or cartoon, depending on the viewer.
…find heroic opposition.

Ancelin is sexy, but not that pretty. There's a fakeness to her beauty, that drags it down the usual Excruciat ideal to more like a Hollywood attempt at such. (except that her breasts are not huge).
She actually looks remarkably like a Indiana Jones villain. Her uniform is slightly more secret police or world war two then the often Napoleonic or school uniform look of some of her allies.
She disdains the shape shifting or disguises of some her allies preferring that she be hailed as what she is, Savant of the Not, Enemy of the World! and so wears her uniform and is constantly getting fussed over by her assistants.

Ancelin was once a successful and well respected medical technology researcher. (She worked a number of products including improvemts to heart and lung machines, artificial joints, and medical tubing.

However she started to suffer from nightmares where she was tied down by imps, each one with the face of something she loved, something she believed in.

As she rose further and further up, and started claiming more and more accolades the dreams grew worse each achivement, each mother crying over the child she helped save, each new grant she was granted, each new student she got, each became another bond, another imp in her dreams keeping her from escape.

And then her dreams started to change..she started to see that for all the imps held her down, for all they broke her hands, and bound her feet, and yelled at her, and tried to distract her with burning pain, and some times pleasure,..they couldn't blind her, they couldn't stop her from seeing the truth.

And in one dream she did not just see that truth she screemed it out, she yelled.

The next day she was caught up in inspiration, strange ideas, that would revolutionize the field came to her.

And they worked..for her.

No one else could replicate them, no one else could even really understand what she said. The proof she had, that her theirorys worked would be forgoten. People would understand when she told them, even seem to think "how obvious" but then away from her..they would doubt, and be unable to remember how they did it, or even what it was.

But it somehow didn't ruin her, she was still respected, but she knew something was wrong..
Her life was somehow empty..even as she tried to force away the crazy ideas. She tried new things. She started reading science fiction. She had an affair with a mousy girl that was her student..but non of it was what was wrong.

She knew she was probably crazy, she tried to treat her self, she took the meds for schishophreania, she retired from her job, but the dreams..the dreams didn't stop, and her feelings of certainty that the world was wrong..not morally..but a unbalanced equation, a student grasping at the truth and failing, putting a simple, pretty, but _wrong_ answer in its place.

And then she did it she gave up, she let the truth set her free. And really she was much more happy once she swoed animal ears to her lab assistants, and fed them the souls of her family. They love her much more now, and look so pretty, and can beat up burglars, drop the lab glass _way_ less often. And there's no silly rules about how she treats them either.

Sure they now need soul transfusions on a regular basis..but who cares!

Life Path

  • Descriptive: The Deceptive Theory's of [Your Name]
  • Step 2 of the Plan: As I have foreseen! Your struggles have given me the next ingredient HAHAHAHAHAHH!


  • Uncoiling, Hunting, the Storm Arising: I am building an Abhorrent Weapon.
  • Pet: My Beautiful Ninja Animal-Human Secretary Lab Assistants are more then trophies.
  • The [Stratagist or Warmain or PC] has secrets I need, but I hate them. A lot. A LOT.
  • Guest Stars: My meddling foes. They do not understand.


  • They fight so hard.
  • A Despicable Construction: They do so lead on astray.
  • I lost everything: my carrier, my meaning, my truth, my family, my friends.
  • A Power: A power aids me..but I doubt her reasons.


  • I love them
  • I’ve lost sight of what I’m fighting for
  • I love what I have built, more then what it is for: (An Abhorrent weapon built from?)

Persona Miracle Chart:

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