Imperial Miracles

Example: Siring a child on the Moon

by Rand Brittain (original post)

Your Imperator, the Angel of Romance, announces "Ye shall sire a child upon the Moon," (meaning the Power of the Moon) and speaks an Imperial miracle to make it so.

The Imperial miracle works to make this happen and everyone in the universe has a carrot and a stick pushing them to make it so. Anything you decide that could happen in order to bring about the named outcome, provided it isn't an attack, basically just happens. You need background music? You'll have it. You need chocolates? Somebody fortuitously delivers them. The universe colludes to make it possible.

In the event that you do have to use an attack, like say her Sibling decides to keep you away from the Moon until you've passed his ridiculous tests, you get 3 Strike for free to overcome his miracles with.

As for the Moon, if she absolutely, outright refuses to have your baby, not no way, not no how, the Imperial miracle unravels her into nothing. Fortunately for her, she can wriggle around within the limitations and try to get her hands on your DNA to do in-vitro fertilization, or find some way to have your metaphorical child, or in general do anything to fulfill the prophecy except flat-out refuse to get involved. Or of course she can just agree to make a baby because Aspect makes having babies not that big a deal; I mean, God, why is everybody so set on rearranging the cosmos over the contents of her womb?

That is to say, you can't ignore an Imperial miracle, but you are allowed to use evil genie logic and Obi-wan truths to claim you've fulfilled the spirit of the story it wants to tell.

ADamiani notes (original post):

The imperator has been appropriately sloppy here; as long as conception occurs on the moon, it's pretty well fulfilled. So if I were The Moon, I'd start by making a love shack for somebody else on the Sea of Tranquility.

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