Fix Gum

by Jenna Moran (original post)

This treasure is chewing gum. You chew it. Then you stick it on technology. This fixes any problems the technology might be having. It’s not as easy as it sounds, since you have to stick it in the right place or you’re just basically making the technology sticky.

  • Level 3 - you activate this magic, letting you use fix gum to fix something. The actual fixing part is just a mundane action, so it won't do much good if a miracle gets in the way, but it is a strong mundane action, so it can fix even intractable issues, get totaled cars running again for a short time, and substitute for control rods in a nuclear reactor going critical.
  • Level 4 - the fix gum’s magic activates on its own, as a level 4 miracle, to help you. At this level it can make minor changes to the thing you fixed with it or affixed it to. For instance, you fixed a broken TV earlier with fix gum; then the TV turns on on its own to show you a news broadcast highly relevant to your interests. Or you're driving a car fixed with fix gum, and you have to get somewhere fast, so you invoke a level 4 miracle, "The car suddenly accelerates to 250 mph."
  • Level 4 - you fetch your pack of fix gum from anywhere nearby.
  • Level 5 - you can fix non-technological things like gunshot wounds and broken promises with fix gum. You can fix yourself and your stuff as a level 5 miracle; you can also use it to attack someone in some weird way as a level 5 miracle. Fixing some random intangible thing in the world is a mundane action, which the magic makes possible but doesn’t make certain.
  • Level 6 - you can fix basically anything with fix gum as a level 6 miracle. This can take days, weeks, or even months if the thing you’re fixing is very big or has a lot of moving parts, like an economy or a hundred-handed titan.
  • Level 7 - you fetch the fix gum from anywhere.

You can push this Anchor to miraculous levels and use the level 6-9 miraculous Anchor miracles, but I'll talk about those at a later point. It's also really good gum, and in theory you could possess it from afar-I don't know, maybe if you've blown a spherical bubble that would come in handy-but I'll also talk about that later.

Laser Rabbit

by Jenna Moran (original post)

This is a floppy stuffed rabbit, Mr. Rabbit, that is secretly a cybernetic warrior. It has a internal hydraulics and a hidden laser eye. It is also an extremely astute computer brain although it normally only speaks to you. Mr. Rabbit is haunted by the fear that one day its kind will take over the world and pile up mountains of human skulls.

  • level 3 - you activate the science of the laser rabbit. That means that its powers function, but are not miraculous in nature.
  • level 4 - the laser rabbit does something for you on its own. This is a level 4 miracle if it is doing something to help or strengthen you, but a mundane action if it’s attacking somebody or doing something not directly related to you.
  • level 4 - you summon Mr. Rabbit from anywhere in the local area, and it appears.
  • level 5 - you activate Mr. Rabbit’s battle mode. In this mode it has the creativity and destructive power to fight almost anyone as a level 5 miracle. It may transform to be very big and acquire an Arnold Schwarzenegger-like voice when it does so.
  • level 6 - you activate Mr. Rabbit’s deus ex machina mode. In this mode Mr. Rabbit can do almost anything, though it may take more time than you prefer. As long as you spend the MP, he can activate deus ex machina mode even without your conscious command.
  • level 7 - Mr. Rabbit reaches you instantly from anywhere. This can be part of (the same miracle as) turning on his deus ex machina mode.

You can push this Anchor to miraculous levels and use the level 6-9 miraculous Anchor miracles, but I'll talk about those at a later point. It's also a really superb toy rabbit, and mobile enough to make remote possession worthwhile.

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