Dominus Risus, Prince Balor of the Deadly Gaze, the Laughing Lord, the Blind Slayer

Baelor, the Power of Laughter, was once a mortal prince of a tribe of warriors in the wild lands of early Britain. When he was chosen as a Sovereign by the Wildlady Dera-debourah, the Ymera decided to perform certain experimental alterations on its new servant in order to endow him with certain unusual capabilities. These rituals were both disastrous and successful. Baelor was able to develop certain unique and powerful Gifts, which make him a valuable servant to his Wild Magistrix; however, he has completely lost his human sense of perspective.

The Laughing Lord considers everything funny, and has very little sense of what is thought appropriate by others. He laughs like a madman while in deadly combat with his foes, and after accidentally killed a beloved mortal retainer. Even other Nobilis, who are not generally in as much danger from his whims, find his company unsettling and not entirely to their liking, for he is eccentric and easily offended even by their lenient, self-indulgent standards.

Baelor is, however, a useful and powerful ally, especially when called to war. His most powerful magic, his deadly gaze, can instantly clear a battlefield of all mortal warriors when he removes his customary blindfold, and even another Power has cause to fear it, if he is not Immortal. He also leads an army of berserkers, who follow behind him, laughing and fearless until they are finally cut down.

The Laughing Lord is a burly, red-headed man with a long beard and green clothing. He wears a crude blindfold over his eyes that contrasts with his fine clothing.

Deadly Gaze
Shared Madness

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