Blindsighted: Creation Rebooted

Rau is a seemingly normal Magister of the Dark in a seemingly normal corner of the world, with Estates that seem hardly worth mentioning. Her Powers start with these assumptions, but slowly find themselves used as pawns in Rau's schemes, as well as becoming targets of Lord Entropy, for reasons unknown. More disturbingly, a lack of Excrucian attacks on them make them suspect to Lord Entropy, instead leaving them to defend themselves from other Powers attempting to mess with them, drain their Estates with the Nettle Rite, or both. Further, Lord Entropy seems to have other reasons to want them all arrested on trumped-up charges. Most worryingly, Ananda has voted against Lord Entropy for the first time, and now claims that a terrible disaster looms upon Creation…

Originally, this hybrid of a story was partially roleplayed, partially written by the HG, due to the inability to find much time to play. Please excuse the somewhat poor quality of the earlier chapters (cheesy lines, main characters doing things too easily). I've improved a bit since then and it shows. The old version, Blindsighted, was abandoned in favor of creating the occasional short story, due to real life causing one player to be only available on weekends and the other only during the week.

Cameos from various characters posted on this wiki are seen throughout the stories, but please notify us with a note at the bottom of the page if you object to any character's use, or think they weren't written properly! :)


* Alex Chaser, Duke of Video Games & Writing (and secret mastermind controlling the entire Video Games industry from the shadows!) - Created by Cirlex
* Longshot Feeney, Baron of Disruption & Pranks (who runs a small store in the conspicuously oddly-named Locus Apepi) - Created by Mr. 86


  • Gadgeteer, Pawn of Play (was formerly a tabletop RPG character in Kidpunk) - Created by SimYouLater
  • Ivee, Power of The Singularity (created from an Intelligent Personal Assistant smarthome control hub) - A second GMPC, who joins the familia later on since finding additional players in the original Blindsighted became impossible
  • Rau, (aka Apepi), Dark Magister of Disruption, Play, Pranks, The Singularity, True Love, Video Games and Writing - The PC's Imperator, who conspicuously has no Power for True Love

NPCs (in order of appearance)

  • Remus Nosferatus, Power of Sadism (self-proclaimed "Fiend of the Night")
  • Elizabeth River, Power of Gambling (and the Unchosen One who has decided her fate is to destroy fate)
  • Ananda (you should know him)
  • Lord Entropy (him too, ugh)
  • Surolam (and him)
  • Ha-Qadosch Berakha (but maybe not him, his description in the rulebook is way too short)
  • Jack Talini, Power of Stage Magic (the only sane man among Bial's four Powers)
  • Theodore-Wainsmith, Power of Teddy-bears (the gentle giant lumberjack)
  • Rufus Illborn, Power of Dolls (very creepy, fittingly enough)
  • Vivian Manifold, Power of Imagination (a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a self-centered pony-tailed git, clad in an Armani suit)
  • Adrian Elsey, Power of Toys (straight from the 3rd Edition rulebook)
  • Nick Seelie, Power of Music (something something the levy, but the levy was dry?)
  • Nick Rojo, Power of Fighting Games (Alex wins! Nobility!)
  • Katya Medvev, Power of Fantasy (literally dressed like a daydream)
  • None Haggard, Love's-Pawn (disappeared between 2009 and 2016)
  • Solari, aka Rau (died between 2009 and 2016, likely shortly after ordering an assassination of Jane Booth to prevent disaster)
  • Jane Booth, Power of Halloween (assassinated by the Cammorae in 2014)
  • Lambkin Moceils, Excrucian Deciever (assassinated by the Cammorae in 2014)
  • Nathaniel Wills, Power of History
  • Asriel Dreemurr, Power of Redemption (apparently Writhon, his Imperator, is an Undertale fan)
  • Sans Gaster, Power of Judgement (…a BIG fan…)
  • Chara Dreemurr, Power of Karma (Okay, I admit it, I just wanted to have a cool fight scene with them!)

Short Stories in Chronological Order

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