Boone, Dominus Pullum

Aspect 3 5 AMP 9CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0CP
1 …Cannot fly
1 …Taste really good
1 …Are easily frightened
1 …Peck and scratch
1 …Lay lots of eggs
1 …Crow at dawn
1 …Ain't too bright
Persona 3 5 PMP 9CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Skill: Be a chicken… (1)
Skill: Pretend to be human… (4)
Passion: Dust yourself off and keep going… (1)
Superior Skill: Master of disguise… (1)
Superior Skill: Giant Chicken… (1)
Cool (3)
Shine (3)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I'm actually a giant chicken… (2)
Affliction: It ludicrous to believe I am anything other than who I present myself to be… (4)
Affliction: No disguise lasts forever, someone always sees through it… (1)
Affliction: I have no home among men or poultry… (1)
Bond: Women want to be with me, men want to be me… (3)
Bond: When it comes to disguises, less is more… (1)
Bond: I have a hero's heart!… (1)


Durant (1 CP) (Boo withstands beatings, gets up, dusts himself off, and keeps on going.)

"Well I heard" (1 CP) (Boo can create flattering gossip about his current assumed persona.)
(Lesser Creation of Gossip (+4), Simple Miracle (-1), One Trick (-3), Local (-1), Rare (+1))

Unblemished Guise (1 CP) (Boo does not appear miraculous, only ridiculous)

Fowl Summons (1 CP) (Boo creates a small number of chickens.)
(Lesser Creation of Chickens (+4), Simple Miracle (-1), Limited Use (-2), Local (-1), Rare (+1))

Forget Me (1 CP) (Boo can erase the memories of those who have pierced his disguise, leaving only memory of the man, not the chicken)
(Lesser Destruction of Memory (+5), Simple Miracle (-1), One Trick (-3), Local (-1), Rare (+1))

Herald of Daybreak (2 CP) (One mighty crow and Boo may summon the dawn at any time, anywhere)
(Greater Creation of Morning (+7), Normal Miracle (-2), One Trick (-3), Local (-1), Rare (+1))




Life Path


More than anything else you are … Just Plain Weird
-Boo was born a giant chicken, quickly outgrowing his coop and then his whole farm. Chaffing under his agricultural life, Boo set out into the world and found himself a surprisingly competent master of disguise, and an occasional hero despite his nature.

Your Estate is part of the … Beautiful Side of the World
-Well, chickens may not be beautiful, per se, but they aren't ugly or painful. They just are, magical creatures in their own right … sorta. You chop off a peacock's head and see if it's as beautiful, or as capable of running around as a chicken. 

Your Estate is … Something You Can Point To
-Chickens are not only a physical creature but a commonplace one, found all over the world. 

Hey, were you … An Animal
-Though he was abnormally sized, Boo is still physiologically a chicken in every way. He was always smarter (bigger brain) and dedicated to blending in with humanity, but deep down under the flimsy disguise he is still a chicken.

You Lived a … Troubled Life
-Things have never been easy for Boo. He was uncomfortable and unwanted as a chicken and has continuously met with dizzying success and crippling failure pretending to be human. His life is a tragedy, meeting new friends, new loves, making a name for himself, before it is all torn away by man's unwillingness to accept a giant chicken.

The Legacy of your Troubled Life … You're still in trouble!
-Now a Noble, the stakes have only raised for Boo. He has crafted the identity of "Boone", a stereotypical dilettante male Noble (if such a stereotype exists). He wears a Niel Gaiman wig, smokes cigarettes and wears the flower of Chickens on his lapel. All reports that he is a giant chicken have so far gone unproven; various accounts report him to be a brave and stalwart defender of The Earth, a master of disguise with a rapier wit.

In fact only one other PC should be aware he's a giant chicken. Everyone else thinks he's just an awesome (and human) Saint of Chickens.

Contact: Those Who Have Forgotten (Legacy)
-Boo is a drama magnet. Once he crafts a disguise in no time short he becomes the most famous, the most talked about, the most successful, the most sought after in his chosen profession. His heroic heart drives him to excel. But then it all crashes down around him and those he has lived with, laughed with and loved drive him away. They forget him (a giant chicken pretending to be human and getting away with it is too much for Prosaic Earth) but Boo doesn't forget. They're still out there.

Contact: Someone out there for me (Faraway or Troubled Love)
-Boo is a romantic. He wants to raise a clutch of his own one day. But he wants to find a woman who will love him for who he is, though he would be terrified to ever reveal his true nature. Instead he fumbles from one doomed affair to another, never finding anything lasting. But he still is out there, looking, hoping to find the person he could call home.

Contact: The Cult of the Colonel (Mystery Cult)
-Boo doesn't really know what's going on with these guys. They seem to be following his trail of discarded identities and shattered memories on a hunt for his flesh. They also seem to recruit from the inner circle of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their master could be a demon, a god, the ghost of Colonel Sanders, a Noble, an Excrucian or a mad spice wizard. They are very good at penetrating his disguises and he has failed every attempt to infiltrate them.

Do you follow the … Song of the Wild
-Boo is just himself, no origin to speak of, no final destination ever in sight to his eternal homeless wanderings. Though he doesn't speak much about it his heart belongs to the Wild. Like it he is an unfolding law, this way because that is how he has crafted himself to be. One day he may solve the riddle that is his nature, and it will be more enlightening than knowing what came first, the chicken or the egg, or knowing the riddle of why the chicken crossed the road.

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