Bramblewood Vitalis

Bramblewood Vitalis, Guardian of the Chancel Khedeb Neret, Silverleaf of the Gnarled Path Dominus of Wandering

Aspect 1 5 AMP 3
Domain 3 5 DMP 9
3 …is aimless.
1 …ignores borders, territories, and conventions.
1 …follows whims, curiosity, and chance.
1 …doesn’t stay anywhere for very long.
1 …allows for unexpected discoveries.
Persona 1 5 PMP 3
Treasure 2 5 TMP 6

Passion and Skills

Passion: I seek new vistas! (2)
Skill: Superior Forest Spirit (4)
Skill: Nomad (2)
Cool (1)
Shine (1)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I am a living ecosystem, a forest containing many native and rescued species. (3)
Affliction: My presence sometimes unleashes wild vitality (plants grow enormous, humans yearn to try daring new things, pets rewild, etc.). (1)
Affliction: I am deeply impacted by the seasons. (1)
Bond: I must shelter rare and beautiful life. (2)
Bond: I love my Chancel, and especially my <insert name> Gardens! (3)
Bond: I must aid the Friends of the Wind when asked. (1)
Bond: I might go slowly, I might take a circuitous route, but I will find my way around any borders or blockades. (2)
Bond: I have friends in many far-flung places. (1)
Bond: I can be summoned by anyone who holds one of my coins and speaks my name. (1)


Durant (1)



Life Path

Domain Miracle Chart

0 Know when Wandering is under attack
1 Create wanderers with little impact, instill mild feelings of restlessness
2 Know concrete information about a wanderer, know where a given person's wanderings have taken them, know a person's dreams of traveling
3 Strengthen a wanderer, protect a wanderer, make someone's impulse to wander last longer
4 Summon nearby wanderers, create a shield of wandering insects, make a person's impulse to wander into it's own separate mobile entity
5 Destroy a wanderer, erase a person's desire to wander, destroy a facet of a wanderer (her memory, her legs, her body heat), know everything that any wanderer has seen, know every person's yearnings to wander, use a wanderer as an oracle
6 Transfer one person's desire to wander into another person, alter a wanderer's destiny, strengthen and protect more potently
7 Summon all wanderers on the continent, create a wandering army, create a wandering island
8 Destroy all wanderers on the continent, destroy an entire species of wandering insects, destroy the memories of all nearby wanderers
9 Massively alter wanderers and desires for wandering

Persona Miracle Chart

0 See how people and Powers relate to wandering and wanderers
1 Make a person slightly more curious, aimless, restless, ignoring of convention, or a catalyst for discovery, take a bit of wandering away from someone
2 Incarnate in any wanderer
3 Make myself aimless, make myself ignore borders, make myself a catalyst for discovery
4 Make a person or thing into a wanderer, give something some of the facets of wandering
5 Take away a person's impulse or capacity to wander, remove a person's interest in following whims and curiosity, remove a wanderer from my Estate, incarnate in many wanderers at once
6 Make someone a guardian or enemy of wandering, deeply change what wandering means in a person's life, profoundly make myself ignore borders or follow whims
7 Profoundly make a person or thing into a wanderer, or a catalyst for discover, or immune to conventions
8 Take away the desire to wander from an entire culture, take away the capacity for unexpected discovery from a whole city
9 Make an entire culture nomadic, turn an island into a place where no one can wander, profoundly shape an individual's destiny
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