A clearing-house for logs, descriptions, and Actual Play of Nobilis campaigns.

Campaign Ideas


You Who Fight Monsters

Sleepwaking: The Game is Collapsing
A freeform roleplay to update Blindsighted and it's attempted reboot for 2017 2018.


Wheel in the Sky
The final road
Hope Over Experience
Mean Everything to Nothing
Death and Taxes
The Tower
Progressing the Work
Finding Our Self
A Family as Big as the Ash
Bonds Beyond Time
Flowers in the Mirror
Flip The World
Plague Cat
The Question of Existence
The Deeper Meaning
Four Riders of the Apocalypse
Lines in the Sand
The Eternal Conflict
Something I Can Never Have
Will of the Gods

Seven Wonders: In which the Excrucians launch a campaign against the seven moral virtues.
Changes: In which the Nobilis face the most horrific threat of the Age: modernization.
Children of Eve: In which the Phoenix swears herself to the Light, and brings her traditional unwisdom to the problem of Eden. (June 2008-10)
His Last Miracle, in which a Family of Powers is left alone in the world
Is This Halloween?, in which the ordinary way of doing things takes a holiday
Death and Taxes, in which half as many tax gatherers is twice as bad.
Taking A Break From All Your Worries

Between the Lights: a story about a handful of Nobles trying to change the nature of the Society of Flowers, and the people they drag into this journey along the way. (These are actual session writeups, not just logs)

Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine

Children of the Lost Woods
Horizon's Magical Girl Club

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