Captain John Beardbeard

The Dread Pirate John Beardbeard Power of Adventure

Aspect 5 5/5 AMP 15CP
Domain 0 5/5 DMP 0CP
1 …are dangerous
2 …make you stronger
1 …teach you a moral lesson
2 …make you form friendships
1 …result in loot
Persona 0 5/5 PMP 0CP
Treasure 0 5/5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: Punching!… (1)
Skill: Adventurer!… (5)
Skill: Gourmet chef… (2)
Skill: Good Manners… (-1)
Cool (5)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: Everything I need and everything I don't need is in my pockets… (2)
Affliction: My voice is loud enough to be heard clearly by anyone nearby… (1)
Affliction: My beard is sentient and has grown another beard… (1)
Affliction: I am very obvious, even when guising… (1)
Affliction: I have a soundtrack… (1)
Affliction: When I fight my clothing is torn strategically, if you know what I mean… (1)
Bond: I solve problems by punching… (5)
Bond: I must not harm innocent bystanders… (1)


Active Immortality (6CP)
Flying Galleon (3CP)

This flying galleon has already accompanied John on a lot of adventures. He gained it on his last one as a mortal, when he found and drank from the fountain of beard. After all, before he did that, he was entirely beardless! What a terrible shame! Anyway, on this adventure he had to fight against a ship full of pirates using only his bare hands and an army of sharks. Alas, he soon found out, that the ship was cursed and all dying on it would be bound to it! Fortunetaly he was considred the captain of it after killing the former one. It is called Ermentrudis

Treasure 5
simple -1
local -1
comprehensive -1
rare +1
final cost = 3CP



John was not an ordinary human, that much was clear from a very early age.
He became an adventurer at the young age of eleven years, when his brother John (Their parents were not very imaginative) was kidnapped by an evil sorcerer who needed a sacrifice. After John rescued his brother John by shoving the evil sorcerer into a boiling cauldron he decided that he needed more, that he had to travel the world, save innocents, have adventures and get rich. What he did not realize at that time was, that the sorcerer had survived…

After a few years he finally met his mentor: An old man with a hooded clak and a fondness for taverns. This man sent John on many adventures on which he became stronger, where he met friends and enemys, rescued dragons from evil princesses and princesses from evil dragons and of course gained many valuable treasures.

Finally the old man sent John on his last adventure: To find the fabled fountain of beard!
For John did not seem capable of growing a beard, which was his greatest shame. A man built like a bear with many years of adventuring… and no beard? Impossible!

Thus he went and searched for many years for this fountain of beard, his greatest journey ever! He travelled to many places all over the world, he found (and lost again) the lost city of Atlantis, offered his services to the queen of sharks in return for some of her mighty warriors (she's still angry about him accidentaly punching her daughter) and even found a cursed orchestra, Which he released from eternal torment by an ungrateful audience in return for getting a soundtrack. Finally, after these and many more adventures, he finally found the fountain of beard! Alas, it was protected by a ship full of evil pirates who would not let him drink from it. Thus, he called upon the mighty sharks to help him against the pirates. (They didn't do much. Most of them got killed by jumping onto the ship and suffocating) Of course, he would not let others fight for him without joining the fight and thus he boarded the ship of the dread pirate redbeard (his beard was on fire) to punch all who stood against him to death.

Finally he stood before the fountain of beard, of which he of course drank. As soon as he did so, a truly enormous beard began to grow. However, John did not drink in a very neat fashion and spilled some of the fountains water onto his beard, which then grew another beard. And became sentient.

When he had finished drinking, he looked up and saw the old man who had sent him to find the fountain. It was then revealed that the old man was actually Othar, the old lord of adventures, who wanted to retire and had to find a suitable replacement. Then John was ennobled and became known as The Dread Pirate Beardbeard, also known as John.

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