Chancel Xibalba

This Chancel is a great hollow cave underneath the Mythic Earth. The roots of our skyscrapers extend from the ceiling of Xibalba, looming over the inhabitants of the Chancel. The dead of the Earth come here, or at least some of them do, making a four year journey to the center of the Chancel, the great pyramid, The Place Where Smoke Has No Outlet, the final resting place, the undiscovered country.

But that's not all! Xibalba boasts a number of attractions and amenities for any traveler, whether you're here for business or pleasure!

  • Located near our scenic capital, Rattling House is the oldest hotel and ice creamery in Xibalba! Boasting old world charm and modern climate control to keep you cool, all year round.
  • Want to work on your tan while you're here? Come to Hot House, the premiere tannery in Xibalba! Or, for those looking for a different way to relax, enjoy total sensory deprivation in Dark House!
  • Animal lovers won't want to miss Jaguar House and Bat House, our two massive indoor nature preserves. Lucky visitors will have the chance to see one of Xibalba's famous Eye-Gougers!
  • For those who want to get out of the city, why not go whitewater rafting on our famous river of live scorpions?
  • And there's also Razor House! Probably there's a reason to go there too!

Xibalba! Once you Check In, You Won't Want To Check out!

Paid for by the Xibalba Tourism board

Chancel Properties:

  • All roads lead to the center of Xibalba, but none lead away
  • The closer you get to the center of Xibalba, the more of your old life you leave behind
  • The dangers of the journey cannot be evaded, only mitigated
  • Those who enter the Place Where Smoke Has No Outlet never leave
  • Everybody acts like Xibalba is an ordinary Democratic nation

All properties are available as level 2 Bonds for any actions taken inside the Chancel.

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