A charm is a term for a family of Gifts that elevate the possessor's skill in some narrowly-defined mortal endeavor to miraculous levels. Typically, the Charm allows the user to perform some type of Aspect miracle without the need to spend MPs.

The standard Charm is built off of an Aspect 6 miracle, with limited use, activated as a simple miracle, affecting the self only, and are uncommon. Such a Gift costs 1 CP. The Hollyhock God may choose to declare that Charms as a group are common in his campaign, reducing the cost of upgrades.

Example Charms and their uses:

Lord's Charm: affects miracles of leadership and tactics
Chariot Charm: affects the driving of vehicles
Gourmet Charm: affects cooking
Scholar's Charm: affects research and speed-reading
Astronomer's Charm: affects mathematics and pure calculation

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