Chimera Neret

Justification's Saint or Vassal of Rationale
Associations: Rationalisation, Excuses, Cognitive Dissonance, Arguments, Explanations
Affiliation: conflicted between the Song of the Light and the Song of the Dark


A proxy of a greater power tried to kill an Imperator. Perhaps it was some other Imperator's power, more likely it was a shard of an Excrucian or a mortal manipulated by them, but the point stands - a person, wielding an Abhorrent Weapon, found the Imperator's body in their chancel and tried to drive this blade into them.

But the Imperator was aware of this, and may have allowed this to happen. They took the moment that the killing was supposed to happen, wrapping up the would be killer, the weapon and the circumstances of the murder into one thing. The Imperator took a piece of their soul and plunged it into this, creating a kind of homunculus made from a shard of time, a murderer, an Abhorrent Weapon and the complicated emotions surrounding such an event.

Thus was Chimera born, animated by the Estate of Justification within him.


Aspect 3 7 AMP 9 CP
Domain 0 7 DMP 0 CP
2 … carves out a purpose for oneself
2 … shows one's actions to be righteous to themselves
2 … defends the sanctity of a choice
1 … can be strengthened with evidence
Persona 3 7 PMP 9 CP
Treasure 0 7 TMP 0 CP


To Share My Moment

Lesser Creation of Timelessness (4 CP), Normal Miracle / 1 MP (-2 CP), One person or Thing (-2 CP), All Domain miracles (+1 CP), Rare (+1 CP) = 2 CP
Chimera can share his weird, timeless status by inflicting it on other people. This can range from trapping them in a timeless state frozen for as long as the miracle holds, to keeping them in a small time loop, to forcing them to live within a single second.


3 CP, as described in book

Passions and Skills

Superior Murderer (3)
Superior Formless Existence (3)
"I want to learn about the world!" (2)
Acting Normal (-1)
Cool (3)
Shine (3)


Affliction (4): I am a timeless moment and thus linked to my Imperator's death. If I am unwound without being linked to another, my Imperator will perish.
Bond (2): I am part Abhorrent Weapon, and am thus an instrument of destruction.
Wondrous Anchor: The Twin Blades of Chimera Neret can cut through anything.
Affliction (2): I share no continuity of self with either the Abhorrent Blade or the murderer.
Affliction (2): I must make amends to the victims of both of my components.
Bond (2): I must serve my Imperator, the Web of Khedeb Neret, faithfully.
Bond (1): I am torn between the Light and the Dark.


Chimera looks like a young man in fine clothes, except that he is absolutely and completely wrong. He is constructed from four components - the murderer of Khedeb Neret, the Abhorrent Blade he used, the moment of time in which the murder was meant to occur and the implications/consequences of such a hideous act.

The Abhorrent Blade that was intended to kill the Imperator Khedeb Neret has been merged with the murderer's hand. Another copy of this blade is shoved through Chimera's chest and the resultant wound is forever weeping with blood. Chimera can pull this blade from his chest and dual wield both weapons to great effect.

But he is also comprised of a moment of time. This makes it so that while Chimera does ostensibly occupy a position in space and time, this itself is very uncertain. It is hard to focus on him unless he is moving - when still, his image glitches like a computer game's badly coded model, and he appears as a faint blur. When in movement, he is clearer.

His eyes are pure white, with no pupils.

Personality wise, he's very much newborn to the world with no memory from the person that he was made from, and is fairly excited to learn about the world and to serve his Imperator.

This innocence is very much at odds with his creation and the parts of his components.

Life Path


Project Ideas

How I Became A Real Person

Ideas: This may involve working out how to disentangle his destiny as his Imperator's death from his Imperator, trying to carve out his own existence apart from his Imperator and the components (murderer, Abhorrent Weapon) that are used to create him and maybe learning about who his past selves were. Possible mechanical effects: if this results in Chimera learning to treasure things and people in a true sense, it could be an increase of Treasure.

Persona Miracle Chart

Domain Miracle Chart

0: The Sight (Cost: 0 MP)
Recognize those with ties to the estate of Justification, such as those who delude themselves daily, those who work to sift past the excuses people make for themselves like lawyers
0: Warning (Cost: 0 MP)
Know when something endangers the estate of Justification, such as if someone's justification doesn't show their actions to be righteous to themselves
1: Blessing/Curse (Cost: 0 MP)
Give someone a feeling of purposeness, even without any actual purpose
Take away someone's feelings of purpose, so they feel a little bit lost
1: Ghost Miracle (Cost: 1 MP)
Create a trivial form of justification, like a flimsy excuse as to why I ate the last of the cookies.
Shift the world so that things look like they justify someone's actions, but only if you don't think about it.
2: Lesser Incarnation (Cost: 0 MP)
2: Lesser Divinations, Communications (Cost: 2 MP)
3: Lesser Emulation (Cost: 0 MP)
Carve out a purpose for yourself
Show that your actions are righteous and have sanctity
Strengthen yourself with evidence
3: Lesser Preservation (Cost: 4 MP)
4: Lesser Enchantment (Cost: 1 MP)
4: Lesser Creation, Summoning and Animation (Cost: 0 MP)
5: Lesser Sacrifice, Greater Incarnation (Cost: 2 MP)
5: Lesser Destructions, Greater Divinations (Cost: 8 MP + Deadly Wound)
6: Greater Emulation, Lesser Binding (Cost: 4 MP)
6: Greater Preservations, Lesser Motions (Cost: 8 MP + Deadly Wound)
7: Greater Enchantment (Cost: 4 MP)
7: Greater Creation, Summoning and Animation (Cost: 2 MP)
8: Greater Sacrifice (Cost: 8 MP + Deadly Wound)
8: Greater Destruction (Cost: 8 MP + Deadly Wound)
9: Greater Binding (8 MP + Deadly Wound)
9: Greater Motion (Impossible with Domain 0)


Chimera mainly builds upon his Superior Murderer and Superior Formless Existence skills for Aspect miracles.

Superior Murderer lets him do horror movie killer things, like tracking victims, leaving behind psychologically scarring souvenirs, toying with victims minds and of course, murder. As a flip side, Chimera gives off a very unsettling aura, even if he's Guised or his mutated blade arm/perpetually bleeding symbol of his being is hidden. People cross streets to avoid him, quite understandably.

Superior Formless Existence muddies the concept of whether he's actually there and thus lends his actions a supernatural sense of multitasking and remove. Who needs to dodge when reality itself isn't sure if you can even be hit? As you're looking behind you, running from the inexorably approaching knife armed maniac, Chimera might jauntily be in front of you instead, his image stuttering and lagging like a cheesy Slenderman video.

Aspect 0 - 3 is free for Chimera, allowing him to be excellent at anything a mortal might wish to do. It also means that when he puts his mind to it, within the bounds of the intention system he can practically murder anyone, not to mention using Superior Formless Existence to dodge and manipulate and do things a time homunculus can do but better. This also gives him flawless grace, execution and timing, which is very much suitable for most things he wishes to do.

Aspect 4 gives him incredible force for just 1 MP. This is what we call overkill.

For 2 MP, Chimera gets “superhuman precision and control”.

4 MP can bump him up to Aspect 7, with unlimited power that presumably allows him to supercharge his Superior skills. Here, with a bit of effort, he can detach himself from reality with a supercharged Superior Formless Existence and temporarily exist as a being beyond spatial concerns. His reach isn’t quite limitless, but it certainly seems like it for his hapless victims.

8 - 8 MP and a Deadly Wound – and here, Chimera can stretch beyond plausibility to do the unthinkable. He whips out the blade plunged into his chest and with a flick, he throws it through time to neatly pierce the heart of himself two days ago. He slices the throat of a second and it collapses neatly into a timeless corpse. For a moment, he cannot be seen because he is not there but everywhere, part of the greater world as a piece of Time - and from this lofty position he can strike.

And why not keep those techniques until the chapter ends as an Aspect 9 Miracle?

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