Damian Marks

Damian Marks, Regal of History

Damian Marks was a promising academic whom had a remarkable concept for a book: the history of notable secret societies - and why they occupied such a place in the human imagination. The answer, he would come to find, was the Cammora. Of course, in prosaic reality, once stretched to acknowledge the existence of a genuine Illuminati, would reason that an obsessed young man trying to dig out their secrets would be swiftly destroyed.

But it never seemed to happen - everything they tried, violence, smears, it never somehow worked. Because destiny meant for Damian to become a Noble, and really, destiny will give even Lord Entropy the finger as it chooses. Really, the whole exercise was to prepare him for when an Imperator showed up to deposit the Power of History into his soul. Now he is the keeper of the Record of Inquiries (as a reference to the old coining by Herodotus - it's a book, a computer database, an entire archive, and more, and all and none at once).

Of course, Lord Entropy did not like the finger that had been Damian - and he really had to pull some house-cleaning on the Cammora for letting themselves be so compromised, nascent Power or not. And Damian, enraptured by his position, has to deal with temptation along with negative scrutiny from the mighty - after all, he who controls the past controls the future. And he tries to hide the guilt over the people in his orbit who did not have his fateful protection from the Cammora's attacks…

Affiliation: The Song of Hell
Project: How I restored the 500 years of missing/incomplete history.


Aspect 2 5 AMP 6 CP
Domain 5 5 DMP 15 CP
1 … is recorded.
2 … covers the past (no matter how recent).
2 … is objectively truthful.
2 All things have History.
Persona 0 5 PMP 0 CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0 CP



(1 CP)


(3 CP)


Passion: Truth 2
Skill: Writer 3
Skill: Researcher 3
Skill: Cool 2
Skill: Shine 0

Bonds & Afflictions

Affliction: The Cammora doesn’t care for me. (2)
Affliction: I am bound by the Accords of Babylon. (1)
Affliction: I always look my best. (2)
Bond: I love learning new things. (2)
Bond: I must report things accurately and honestly. (3)
Bond: I possess the Record of Inquiries. (2)
Bond: I am the master of the Bookkeepers and the Istoriads. (1)


Key - Vervain (II)

Heart - My Identity

  • Historian
  • Analyst

Shadow - Burdens

  • Bound by Duty
  • Set Apart
  • The Record of Inquiries

Key - Star of Bethlehem (VII)

Heart - What It Made Me

  • Inspired
  • Determined
  • Transformed
  • Empowered

Shadow - How It Changed The World

  • I Can't Let It Go
  • I'm Committed
  • The Cammora was Purged
  • Mortal Collateral Damage

More than Anything You Are: In Love with Something (VII)
Your Estate is From the: Light Side of Human Experience (II)
Your Estate is: Something You Can Describe (VII)
You Lived: An Extraordinary Life (VII)


  • Cammora (Shadow VII)
  • Organization (Shadow II)
  • Legacy (Shadow VII)
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