Ex (Excrucians)


Mortal Stuff
Passion: Never give up if you have a goal. 3
Skill: Marksman 3
Skill: Melee 2
Cool 3 (2 from Aspect)

+4 points from Treasure

Bond: I will claim and wield the Abhorrent Arsenal. 4
Bond: My Belt, Nothingness, can contain a vast array of weapons. 1
Bond: I underestimate the Excrucians and sometimes other beings as well. 2
Bond: I will get my revenge on Andabar Kreig! 2
Bond: My right arm is cursed, yet I will use it like any other tool. 2
Affliction: I am, yet I am not. 4
Affliction: I am both blessing and curse to both sides of the war. 1
Affliction: I am infected with the essence of Creation, it is slowly transforming me. 1

Affliction: I fear the curse in my right arm. 4 (Deadly Wound)
Some Affliction, the destiny Harumaph intended for me is inescapable (Deadly Wound)


Cneph's Right Hand
Wondrous Anchor, robotic right arm
Is made of pure creative potential, allows the World Creator's Hand gift
Can be transformed into a railgun, pretty much a sci-fi weapon with high damage, recoil and penetration
Can be used with Soul-Carving Ammunition

Nothingness, the Abhorrent Inventory
Miraculous Anchor, a black leather belt
Has infinite slots to store weapons
Has one special slot for every abhorrent weapon


Excrucians are Not. 2
Excrucians hate and love me. 1
Excrucians are opposed to Creation. 3
Excrucians must destroy. 1


Aspect 2
3/7 AMP
Domain 0
0/7 DMP
Persona 0
0/7 PMP
Treasure 4
3/7 TMP


The World Creator's Hand (3 CP)
Lesser Creation of Creation, needs touching the target

Soul-Carving Ammo (1 CP)
When in doubt, just shoot the miracle.

Invisibility (1 CP)
Turn invisible at will with a Lesser Destruction of Visual Images


When the Excrucians first came into the world, the second age shattered. To be more precise, the first Excrucian came into the world, but he was Not. He should not be, could not be, was not allowed to be. His mere existence (or lack thereof) in the world destroyed both the age and him, both annihilating the other. The Excrucians destroyed Creation just by entering it, since Creation could not comprehend them - and in turn, they could not understand Creation.
This first cataclysm, that gave birth to the third age, created a paradox of epic proportions. There was still something left of the non-existence of the Excrucian, something that would be his soul, if he had one. As if moved by a powerful will, the corpse of the second age was wrapped around the not-soul of the Excrucian, molding them into one being. Something that would give some kind of order to things, something that would save Creation, or at least buy it some time. Something that would give it a fighting chance.

It became a Power, or something like a Power. It created an Estate that forced the Excrucians into being, gave them a tangible presence in the world. Maybe it made it possible for Creation to defend itself. Maybe it made the war just worse. No one knows what would happen should the Estate be destroyed. The Excrucians both hate and love the Estate. They fear it and they need it. It can both help win them the war and potentially destroy them with a thought. This Power has no name, no destiny, it both exists and doesn't exist. It's something weird and something inherently wrong. Many Powers and Imperators belief destroying it will win the war, but no one can know for sure. They say someone attacked it shortly after it's creation, but just managed to destroy it's right arm, sealing the rest somewhere. Maybe outside the wall. Maybe in the deepest depth of hell or somewhere no one will ever find it. It was imprisoned for a long time.

Then it came back. It still doesn't have a name, or a destiny for that matter. But it has an agenda, a goal it doesn't understand. It wears an abhorrent item no one knew existed, one without a number, or the number 0 as some suggest. It is the abhorrent inventory, Nothingness, taking the form of a belt with infinite slots for all kinds of weaponry. Five hundred and seventy-two of the slots are special however. Destined to hold the other abhorrent weapons. Though on it's own, Nothingness does indeed nothing, apart from holding the wielders armaments. Like an empty canvas, it is nothing, but holds infinite possibilities. It's wielder knows but one goal, to find all the abhorrent weapons and add them to the belt, complete the absurd collection. No one knows why, not even the Power itself. Some say the abhorrent weapons are forged from pieces of the first Excrucian and the soul inside the Power drives it to collect those pieces. Others say the belt is what forces it's wielder to collect the pieces, for the complete collection would destroy all of Creation. A few even say it's just bored by it's weird Not-Estate and just tries to do something.

Whatever may be the case, it is determined to reach it's goal, even if it would take until after the universe dies. It is a weird loner, standing between both sides of the war. A collector of fantastic and terrible artifacts. A hunter and an assassin of both Nobles and Excrucians. It is something without a face or a name. Yet if you ask, it might say "Just call me what I represent. Or just Ex, that's maybe better. Short and efficient."


Ex' body looks like a mass of whirling galaxies full of dying stars and nothingness, much like the eyes of the Excrucians. He wears clothing similar to the Excrucians, only that the mantle is hooded and everything (including his normal hand) is covered. He usually wears a plain white mask to hide the weird galaxy-face. He eyes appear to be black orbs that distort the galaxies in his face, like a black hole.
His right arm is robotic, infused with lines of green light and can transform into a gun.


How I claimed my first abhorrent weapon. (15)
I thwarted Orochis attempts to control my mind. (Victory, 3)
The strange power claims the weapon is his heart. (Revelation, 10)
We got Raul to cooperate. (Trivial Victory, 2)

next step:
How I learned to forge Excrucian weapons.

How I showed Harumaph's children their place.

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