From the Guardians of Order Site

These files were previously hosted on the Guardians of Order website before that company went out of business.

The Sample of Play from Nobilis

The Introduction from Nobilis

Nobilis Character Generation Guide

So You've Been EnNobled, a helpful pamphlet

Previously hosted on the Ash and Crysanthemum site

That website seems to have died, so I rescued this material in PDF form

Autumn Moon, a sample campaign

The Auriculans, a Cleave

From the Peculiar Books

My redone layout of the first two peculiar books for A Society of Flowers. If you like the peculiar books in any format, please buy the for-pay version of Unlikely Flowerings from DriveThruRPG, or just send money straight to Dr. Moran's PayPal. It's only polite.

The first two books of A Society of Flowers

Character creation

Two files created by user thoughtfulbloke to help his daughter come to grips with Nobilis 3rd ed. (may still contain typos)

Two page A4 character sheet and reference page

Character creation summary sheet, two page A4


Miracle Levels

Automated Noble Generator

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