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Player Characters:

Chancel Luna

Varathan The Ultraphibian, The Beast Within - True God of The Earth

Goji Ziller Power of Kaiju, Played by MrPrim
Showstopper Power of The Impossible, Played by AsgarZigel
Captain John BeardBeard Power of Adventure, Played by Orderic
Mary O'Daniels Power of Rabbits, Played by InsertName
Holo, The Wise Wolf Power of Trade, Played by Vivian Darkbloom
Boone Power of Chickens, Played by Aincumis
Adam power of blood, Played by fictionfan

Temporarily on special assignment

Heaven Only Knows

  • Adam, Power of Blood, played by fictionfan

The Excrucian Horde

  • Walter Jones, Excrucian Deceiver, played by Commodore

Non-Player Characters:

The Forces of Creation

Chancel Xibalba

  • 1 Death and 7 Death - Magisters of The Wild - Imperators of Fandom, Mani/Pedis, Carelessness, Mythical Beasts, The Beach, and Cake

Chancel Thorngarden

  • Dahlia Thorn - Magister of The Dark - Imperator of Stuffed Animals, Robots, and ???
  • Apollo Arora - Domina Nugas
    • Holy Leviathan Mr. Bertram- Depressing giant stuffed bear
  • Eileen Dismal - Domina Roboticus

Alpha Chancel

  • Friend Computer - Magister of The Light - Imperator of Conspiracy, Paranoia, Legend, and ???

The Locust Court

  • Surolam - Imperator Of The Council of Four

Chancel Cityback

  • Alice Breedlove - Ombudsman

The Cammora

  • Gerhard Staunton - Who can become light and is immortal. Deceiver Shard turned Trade-touched
  • Jim and Mark - Who are not getting paid enough for this…

Kaiju and Other Unaffiliated Monstrosities

  • GeistGigantodon - We're gonna need a bigger shark!

The Mortal Contingent

  • Arthur J. Crandall - Mayonnaise packet with legs

The Excrucian Horde

The Conclave of Beasts - Supreme commanders of the Earthly front


  • Milo Millstone - Uptight gavel-wielder
  • some kind of blur?
  • The Bishop - Priest with traffic light eyes

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