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Individual Projects

Goji Ziller

  • How I Almost Unmade Reality: 3
    • Victory: I found a perfect gift for my pen pal
  • How I Tamed the Beast in My Heart and Became the Glorious King of Monsters: 3
    • Victory: Shouted down the raging beasts outside and the raging beast within to tell myself this is something I'll just have to deal with!
  • Personal Destiny:


  • How I got back at Lord Entropy
  • How I accidentally caused the downfall of Xibalba: 14
    • Victory: I doomed Nameless Shadow to a potentially horrible fate 3
    • Victory: Infiltrated Xibalba with the least subtle infiltration team possible 3
    • Victory: Accidentally destroyed the seat of Xibalba's government 3
    • Failure: The infiltration team ended up making friends with the Powers of Xibalba 5
  • How I showed Aubergine Adrigan the worth of this rotten Creation.
  • Personal Destiny:

Captain John Beardbeard

  • Personal Destiny:


  • Personal Destiny: 3
    • Futile Struggle: Boone continues to wrestle with his fear of being exposed, especially as MC Hellcat talks about how much she feels like she can be totally honest with him.

Mary O'Daniels

  • Personal Destiny:

Helena Pussywillow, AKA MC Hellcat

  • Personal Destiny:

Holo, The Wise Wolf

  • How I brought wolves to the Moon
  • How I won a Game with Aubergine Adrigan: 11
    • Victory: I liberated one of her Shards, giving him his own life and destiny
    • Failure: Lost a chess game with Aubergine Adrigan
    • Victory: Won an impossible game of Twister by breaking metaphysics
  • Personal Destiny:

Angel Densuka
*How my legend grew

*How I made some new friends
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