Binding Rite

Treasure level 2, automatic activation (+1), global (+1), limited flexibility (-2), rare (+1), 2 CPs total

For third-edition players who want second-edition style Anchors.

The Binding Rite turns people into Foci who are something very much like Anchors, able to be Possessed or Guided. They are much more limited than normal Anchors in that the Power can't do Treasure miracles through them. However, the Power also doesn't need to use a continuing action to inhabit them. As with the Servant’s Rite, this Gift can be used to claim anyone the Power loves or hates as a Focus, using blood or tears.

It's a collective Focus, but the Power can only have half a dozen or so Foci in it at any one time, and each of them has to be claimed individually. Although the Gift is a collective Focus, the Power should not be required to spend extra time to single one Focus out to switch attention to him/her. That's why it's bought as Global, because one of the main uses of the ability is to have a presence in several different places at once.

The Gift is rated as "Limited" in flexibility power because it doesn't seem limited to one trick: the Focus characters can do anything they already could. But they don't get any special powers by virtue of the Gift

An alternative cost structure, which tweaks the standard mechanics differently and comes out the same, would be

Treasure level 2, automatic activation (+1), one other (-2), limited flexibility (-2), rare (+1), x2 for small collection of Foci, 2 CPs total

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