Unbidden Void

Major Destruction of Energy (8), Penetration 1 (+1), automatic (+1), limited use (-2), local (-1), uncommon (+1), 8 CP total

The master of this Gift is a pool of soft shadow into which the dark powers of the world flow, and from thence flow out of existence altogether. With a simple act of will, he may consume any power of which he disapproves, pulling it into his body and soul and destroying it, creating a space for more benign energies. He is a lightning rod for curses, black magic, unwanted bolts of lightning, unproductive emotion, angry mobs, inconvenient telephone calls, and blinding light. He is never harmed by attacks that take the form of energetic discharges.

This Gift is explicitly able to absorb Excrucian magic without harm to the user or any danger of personal corruption, so long as that magic takes a form appropriate to this Gift's functioning.

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