Halloween Npcs

Niall Lord-of-Days: The Power of Good Order and patron of Christmas, the most powerful of the holiday gods (review pending). Have you been naughty? Probably.

Wendy Marda: The Power of Thanksgiving, her good attitude is unshakable even by apocalypse.

Henrik Varda: The Power of Labor Day looks forward to the glorious socialist revolution that will destroy Christmas and its materialist nonsense.

Painter Hammond: The Power of Autumn; you don't know why he comes to your holiday parties, but you're glad he came.

Fred: He tends bar at the Chancel entrance. Shut up, Fred.

Hewekin Ancerry: A high-ranking Deceiver, who seems to command quite a lot of Excrucian manpower. Even in his absence, he seems to be present! GO AWAY HEWEKIN.

Sunnigild Erissentha: Nee nomnom.

Ancelin Anderly: Ancelin is rummaging through your memories! They were boring, so he spiced them up a little!

Gannuel Gast: This Strategist got really creepy after Jane drove him crazy. What was he like before? Who knows!

Molly Lee Brown: She is Power of Strategy, the master of war and the master of baking. The basement of her Craftsman bungalow leads to the Land of Tanks and Gunfire.

Canaan Reyes: The Power of Lightning doesn't seem that happy with the whole "being a god" thing, even though he's immortal and has a brooding hunk aura. Sid appears to be attracted to him and his emotional problems.

Paolo Monteverdi: The Power of Wisdom is used to having his advice ignored. Thank you, Pascale, for promptly responding to his text messages.

Gracie Woodrow: She is the goddess of fruits and of forbidden fruits!

Isaiah Hemingway: The Power of Vegetables knows what is good for you. Eee-yup!

Idrina Constantapopulos: The harvest goddess really should start coming to your meetings.

Kip Sadida: The Power of Summer brings the freedom that is summer vacation everywhere he goes.

Osgarth: This wolfenstein is the king of Atlantis, at least since his personal continuity was all shook up. He may have been mailed to Abu Dhabi by Jane's Domain miracles.

Lambkin Moceils: A hero of justice, here to fight against the tyranny that is existence. Captured by Pascale, he was bound by Nico to the candy shop, where he is currently making chocolate cakes, even though the cake, like everything else, is a lie.

Mia Knightsbridge: This supremely talented dressmaker had a Thing about Halloween, owing to Jack Chick tracts being just as real on Ash-tree Earth as they are here, and dark demonic forces being even more real. But Jane sure cured that! Unfortunately Jane cannot cure her of amazingly high prices.

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