Holo The Wise Wolf

Holo, The Wise Wolf, Trade's-Regal

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
In her human form, she's got the standard suite of human vulnerabilities and limitations
Domain 5 5 DMP 15CP
Her single-minded devotion to her Estate entitles her to a crown of heavy gold: she interprets this as a diadem of woven wheat.
2 …seeks mutual profit
2 …opens up new opportunities
2 …gives value to things
1 …is uncompromising
Persona 2 4 PMP 6CP
At will, she can follow the chain of exchanges that thread through reality
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I love being right… (1)
Passion: I love the finer things in life… (2)
Skill: accumulated trivia… (2)
Skill: negotiation (1)
Superior Quality: Wolf (2)
Cool (0)
Shine (2)
Willpower (8)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: Tsundere I have difficulty expressing myself in an emotionally-honest fashion, especially with regard to affection… (1)
Affliction: I can't be lied to I can sniff out lies like nobody's business!… (1)
Affliction: I can comfortably swallow just about anything I'm not proud of it, but let's just say I can do some real damage to a buffet without compromising my slim waist… (1)
Affliction: My worshippers are ubiquitous and demanding You'd think the attention would be wonderful, but the constant nagging is a little inconvenient at times!… (1)
Affliction: I'm a goddess! I'm beyond mortal concerns, but I still have responsibilities, you know. I have worshippers to appease, rituals to observe, and an image to maintain!…(3)
Bond: I'm irresistible! Something about me makes it utterly impossible for me not to get my way. Some people say it's the fact that I'm really a wolf the size of a building, but I think it's because I have a nice smile!… (5)
Bond: I have a reputation for being honest. When was the last time a wolf lied to you?…(1)


Like the Wolf Aspect 7 (Skill: Being a Wolf), Simple activation (-1), Flexible (-1), One target only (-2), Uncommon (+1)

1 …are great hunters
1 …have powerful bites
1 …sing beautifully
1 …work well in teams
1 …have ravenous appetites
1 …are cunning, not subtle
1 …are loyal to death




Known to many Nobles as a temperamental, but ultimately reliable mediator and notary, Holo has been active in the Society of Flowers for hundreds of years. While her manner is often unfeignedly dignified and composed — sometimes to point of outright hauteur — she is also prone to provocation, and when triggered her ire is both devastating and adorable. She is often sought out by Nobles to formalise contracts and other such arrangements.

Life Path


More than anything, you are…
Epic, Inhuman, and Powerful I'm a goddess! I've been one as long as I can remember; in fact, the fact of my divinity is also the seat of my consciousness. In many ways, it makes me what I am. I can look like a wolf, and these days I most often choose to look mostly human, but neither of these forms describe me as accurately as my godhood does: I am a numinous thing, prone to caprice, a law unto myself. I define myself on a scale utterly detached from human experience.

My Estate is from…
The Beautiful Side of the World While it can and has been abused, trade is ultimately intrinsic to the functioning of the natural world, and to physical laws. The propensity of all things to engage in exchange is a fundamental part of their ability to change, to be dynamic, to modify themselves, and to be valued, to have value. Exchange, especially mutually beneficial exchange, whether in the form of commerce or symbiosis, is the foundation for evolution and progress, and the creation of new opportunities.

My Estate is…
Something You Can Describe Trade is a phenomena occurring all around us, all the time. Some incorporate it into their existences, and it bears fruit that can delight the senses, but it is itself not a live thing, nor a tangible one.

I've lived a…
Blessed Life… Consciousness, divinity, power, immortality, beauty… these things came unasked-for, unbidden, unwon. All of these things budded forth from me as natural as breath: I am born to be thus blessed, and a state of grace is my heritage.

… and my heritage is…
Anger! I didn't ask for this! I didn't ask to be alive, to know, to learn, to love! I didn't ask to pass the ages unaging!

Disciples: Goddess of the Exchange Immaterial Spirits are a strange lot, and are these days more disenfranchised than ever before. Where once they commanded respect, awe, and worship, they must now subject themselves to human need to even attract notice. As one who is not entirely of either world, I am mediatrix of this society of lost spirits, who seek to swap spectral favours for mortal recognition and attention. I arrange contracts, visitations, sightings; I collect favours, offerings, worship. My devotees are both the spirits who wish congress with the Prosaic World, as well as humans who wish Mythic help. Only through the intercession of the Exchange Immaterial can these two worlds, no matter how briefly, touch.

The Song of the Wild I will be as I must, and let none gainsay me.

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