Icy Touch of Iron

(Greater Sacrifice of Magic [8], simple miracle [-1], one trick [-3], one target [-2], uncommon [+1], 3 CP total)

Iron eats away at illusion and destroys glamour, and this Gift has the same power over all the things of myth and miracle, eating away at the truth of them and replacing it with the chilly safety of the Ordinary World. This Gift transforms magic into something native to the ordinary world, making vampires into humans with genetic disorders, ghosts into gusts of wind, and the ashes left by dragon's breath into the remnants of a gas explosion.

This Gift's power bolsters the strength of the Ordinary World's explanations of miraculous phenomena, allowing it to cover its tracks flawlessly. The effects of a magic are never changed more than can be helped, but the evidence always shows that those effects were caused by completely ordinary causes.

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