In Which Lunars Beat Solars

Let us engage in a thought exercise.

It's the First Age. To settle a bet, Luna and another Luna that she has spun off, gotten drunk with, and started betting against, call all 300 Solars and all 300 Lunars to assemble in a great big god damned field. Around the edge of this field are 600 identical castles, each guarded by well-trained mortal soldiers. At the center of each castle is a MacGuffin.

Each Solar and each Lunar is assigned a different castle. They have one night to sneak into this castle, retrieve the MacGuffin, and sneak back out. In doing so, they may incapacitate no more than three guards and may not cause the general alarm to be raised. Whichever group of Exalts has the most MacGuffins come morning wins.

The Lunars are going to win this contest. They are going to win it easily, because all of them have the wherewithal to make a decent go at this. The Solars who can do it, will do it much more easily, but there are plenty of them who have like Stealth 0, Larceny 0, and whose only option is to head in like Popeye on a Spinach bender.

This does not make them better than Solars. It does not even make them better at stealth infiltration than Solars. It just makes them Lunars.

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