Johanna, Zephyr Nature Spirit

Superior Speed 3

Sovereign's Gift, costing no MP

To the mythic sight, she has long white hair, which trails after her as she flies around. Her eyes are completely silver, from edge to edge.
She tends to wear fairly average clothing, covering herself in what seems to be jeans as well as a common jacket, whenever she is out playing with the forest.

The Nature Spirit Masks found in the Northern part of Europe, where he spent some time after his Commencement in order to strengthen his Estate in the area after an Excrucian attack.

He saw her, then, a Zephyr who was in a struggle with a bird of fire over the future of a dryad.

Looking on for a moment, he saw the Zephyr desperately struggle for the survival of the dryad, fighting tooth and nail to protect her.
Finally deciding to interfere, on a whim, he went forward and destroyed the bird with no real problem.

Then, looking at the Zephyr, he found out her name was Johanna, and his mask smiled.
She would be someone he could trust to guard the Northern Europe from bother again, especially in regards to his Estate.

Taking a drop of his blood, he gave it to her, while commanding the spirits of his Estate to hide her from bothers, at all times.

She would be the hidden guardian of the area, and his eyes in this place at all times, allowing him to counter any danger to his Estate, or the region, should it ever be needed.

She is generally cheerful and extremely friendly, spending a lot of time around the forest and playing around, though she still considers her new Lords wish to protect the region important to her, and is willing to do her best to protect it.
Should that not be enough, Mask's-Regal is but a prayer away.

Her position as an important Anchor for her Lord has made the spirits of Masks and everything it represents to, albeit grudgingly in some cases, bend knee to her and submit to her command, allowing her to more effectively deal with the protection of Europe.

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