Kellen Middleton

Lieutenant of Metastable Systems


Aspect 3 5 AMP 9 CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0 CP
Metastable Systems…
2 … are indestructible, but for a single sensitive failure point.
1 … become the context in which other systems exist.
1 … collapse destructively if ever zeroed out.
1 … bear the illusion of being the natural state.
1 … make existence possible.
1 … are hidden behind the complexity of the systems they produce.
Persona 4 5 PMP 12 CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0 CP



1 CP


1 CP

Soul Piercing Ammo

1 CP

Living Lie Detector

1 CP

Bonds & Afflictions

[A3] Nothing can be erased in my presence, only changed, simplified, or purified.
[A2] I can't leave a comrade in arms behind.
[A1] My time as an anchor has left me detached from the Prosaic.
[B1] My estate is abstract and distant to me, and I to it.
[B2] I've forced haughtier fools than these to listen. [Unbound]
[B2] I don't tolerate being lied to. [Unbound.]
[B2] I won't let them keep making pawns of us. [Anchor: The remnants of my team.]

Skills & Passions

(2) Exfiltration (military specialty focusing on retrieval, recovery, organized escape or evacuation, and rescue)
(2) Drill Instructor (intimidation, hostile motivation, inspection, etc.)
(1) Field Medic
(1) Diving
(2) "I won't lose anyone else."
(-1) Financial Investment
(4 Shine from Persona)
(2 Cool from Aspect)

She was a soldier, before, an airborne exfiltration specialist responsible for going to people who were trapped in dangerous situations and get them out. Siblings in arms caught behind enemy lines, wounded laying in a minefield, civilians caught up in a natural disaster they didn't have time to flee, it didn't matter. Things got a little weird toward the last few years of her career, as she and her team became an anchor for the previous holder of her estate, though one kept too much in the dark to really know what that meant. Much of their service was unwitting, and the patches over where her team made sudden, dramatic retroactive changes in assignment, leadership, and even national affiliation to make Treasure miracles work seem like little more than lazy, uncaring patchwork to her now. She'd like to believe the haphazard lies and explanations that were filtered out to others through her team haven't done irreversible damage to her ability to discern reality, but her experiences thus far with Noble society do little to convince her of that, and the new knowledge just makes her feel more in the dark than ever, particularly with the secrets kept by her familia.

Or maybe they're not all secrets. Maybe most of it is just her own lack of understanding. Kellen Middleton's been tangled up in too much shit for the wonder and beauty of her commencement to last long- she knows she's caught up in something beyond her ken, in politics that don't make sense, with people who aren't people, in service to two things individually vaster than the world she knew- a scheming Ymera, sapient building block for seemingly disjointed aspects of reality, and an Estate she's told is hers, but which seems more to own her, whose name is meaningless to her and whose nature seems too abstract and arbitrary to be as important as she's told it is.

Her humility, along with the constant, low-level sense of simple humiliation at being so lost and so caught up in others' inscrutable power, is tempered by her anger and a feeling that she is owed more of an explanation than anyone is offering, and more of a say than she believes she's being given. In response to hearing old European titles of nobility thrown around by these creatures, she's taken on the title of Lieutenant, though she hardly thinks of her ennoblement as a promotion.

A God has whispered keys to reality in her ear and her immediate response is "You're lying, or you're stupid, or I'm too in over my head to do what you say I'm going to do. What are you playing at?" When another outside the familia asks about her estate, she presumably evades the subject or pulls up a bit of bravado and claims not to know with a shrug- it's not that she doesn't understand what it is, on the most basic level, but that she doesn't have the first clue what it should mean or why such abstract, arbitrary bull should be a fundamental building block of reality- even in a Lego set that includes spiders and justification. Her gut feeling on the Gods in the Society of Flowers is a bit like the disappointment of meeting Dracula and finding him sparkling. It doesn't help that she's likely met a few of the others, or their predecessors, on certain occasions, and remembers them in very strange, fragmented ways- her precursor threw a lot of Treasure around.

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