Leanne, Undine Spirit

Superior Toughness 3
Superior Strength 2

Sovereign's Gift, costing no MP

Dressed in traditional roman clothing and of average height, she has very dark hair neatly tied up in a bun.
Her golden eyes very rarely shows any surprise at all, no matter what it is that is happening.

Suddenly appearing in a Chancel is a disturbing concept, even for Nature Spirits who live in the mythic side of things.
After a brief moment of disbelief, however, she became accustomed to it, allowing her to notice that there were in fact mortals whow were drowning within her.

Uncharacteristically, she wished them to survive, and asked anyone who might listen to grant her this favor.
It was answered by Mask's-Regal, who suddenly appeared in front of her, hardly sparing her a glance as he jumped in and brought them all back to the shore.

After having them sent home, he turned and talked to her, asking her the reason she had wanted to save them.
She told him she did not know.

Seemingly pleased with the answer, he offered her a reward - becoming his Anchor in the Chancel, and gain more influence and respect than any Nature Spirit could ever dream of within the Chancel.
In return, she would tell him all about any trouble the Chancel experienced, as well as warn should someone ever try to come near his Ymera.

She agreed, and became his Anchor, while the spirits of Masks in the area bent down on one knee for her, as per the command of their Regal.
Whenever Mask's-Regal has some time free, he goes to Leanne to question her about her understanding of the value of humanity.

Acting incredibly serious, she never loses her calm in anything she sets out to do.
Within the Chancel, all spirits subject to the control of Masks generally kowtow before her, since their master has invested her with a great deal of responsibility and power, which she has accepted with an air of collected acceptance.
She is, however, secretly proud of her position, and whenever she gains the opportunity she likes to rub that fact in to other supposed "superior" or "more important" Nature Spirits, as she feels is her right.

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