Malthus Regio


Malthus Regio, Prince of Bohemia, Secretary of State of Xibalba, Dominus Mythicus, Lord of Mythical Beasts, Gambler, Bon Vivant, Raconteur, Orphan…

Yes, orphan. The year is 1800, and a boy of the age of 6 has just lost his parents in a tragic carriage accident. The whole thing overturned and tumbled into the Thames. Fortunately he was not onboard at the time. He’s adopted by friends of the family he has never before met. They have a daughter, and the two of them become dear friends. 1810, she dies of scarlet fever. On her death bed, she makes Malthus promise not to fall into melancholy, but go out and enjoy everything that life has to offer.

He certainly does his best, travelling throughout Europe, and later on the rest of the world. His adopted parents die, and leave him the only heir to a massive fortune. He becomes an inveterate gambler. His claim to be a Prince of Bohemia is more or less correct, but his relationship to that royal family is complicated and boring.

1829, he visits lost Maya ruins in the Guatemalan jungles. He is assaulted by fever dreams of great decorated skeletons, babbling about mythical beasts and universal suffrage. He is now the Noble of Mythical Beasts. Now that he’s a Noble he doesn’t have to try anymore. He can acquire all the things of the earth without effort. No matter how uncouth he acts, it does nothing to diminish his royal bearing. It’s a mixed blessing.


Malthus Regio tends to dress in clothes like this:


Otherwise he has long blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a strong chin.

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