Cantrip O'Connell

Cantrip O'Connell, Power of Devotion, Dominus Fide

Aspect 4 (5 AMPs)
Domain 0 (5 DMPs)
Realm 0 (5 RMPs)
Spirit 1 (5 SMPs)

Demeter's Hands: As the comprehensive version of Shapeshifting, but usable on other living creatures as well. 3 CP.
Eyes of Isis: Cantrip can observe what others are passionate about with a glance, and can add devotion of his own design to their hearts as well. (Lesser Creation of Devotion, one target, simple miracle, comprehensive, uncommon, 1 CP.)
Hestia's Blessing: By calling upon this aura of goodwill, Cantrip creates in everyone who can see him a certainty of his beneficence and good intentions. (Lesser Creation of Trust, local, one trick, simple miracle, uncommon, 1 CP.)
Freya's Gift: Summoning up the essence of life that animates his mechanical body, Cantrip can bring new health and growth to ambient plant life. This Gift allows him to cause rampant growth of any plant-based life, filling it with health and shaping it to his desires. (Lesser Creation of Growth, limited use, local, simple miracle, uncommon, 1 CP.)

Restriction: Requires regular maintenance in the Chancel's specially-fitted facilities
Restriction: Unable to see the difference between the real thing and a sufficiently-skillful copy
Restriction: Owes favors to a number of goddesses for their hand in his creation
Affiliation: Code of the Beating Heart

  1. Desire is the first of all goods.
  2. To understand one's own desires, one must empathize with the desires of others.
  3. Give in kind with a gift received.

Virtue: Devoted


  • The sanctity of his Estate (5)
  • His maintenance crew (5)
  • The members of his Familia (3)
  • His Ferrari sportscar, almost as carefully maintained as himself (2)
  • The robotics company he controls in the mortal Earth (2)
  • His reputation as a patron of the arts (2)
  • His secret obsession with geeky sci-fi television (1)

Cantrip is unique among Powers to date; while many Sovereigns are artificial creations of their Imperator, only he was created in the image of humanity. Exactly why his Imperator went to so much trouble to create an artificial human when there are so many spare humans lying about, nobody can say- perhaps the Ymera was interested in studying the creation of organic life. Certainly, the project proved difficult- the Ymera's final creation was a nearly-perfect mechanical copy of a human body, made from complicated alloys and polymers and with incredible mobility, strength, and beauty. However, the artificial human had no vitality or self-will, for the Ymera had only barely begun to study the makeup of mortal life and the human soul before being called away to war.

Therefore, the Imperator called upon the aid of allies in the natural world- a group of goddesses, Domina, and spirits associated with life, wisdom, and nature. Their contributions of knowledge and power were able to infuse the mechanical man with the nature of biological life, animating Cantrip and making him ready to receive the soul-shard of Devotion.

It is difficult to tell simply by looking that Cantrip is mostly made of inorganic matter. The only plainly inhuman aspects of his body are his visible joints, which can be largely covered by a shirt and pants. His attitudes are similarly perfectly in line with the common desires of mortal humans- he has a great fondness for all the popular pleasures of the flesh and is capable of normal interaction with living beings, without any of the stereotypical social incompetence of the robot. Indeed, Cantrip insists that he is human- or as near as makes no difference. Even his artificial soul is indistinguishable from a human spirit without the use of spiritual magnification lenses.

Cantrip's primary duty is the defense and upkeep of the Chancel, where he works in nearly all fields of endeavor, keeping the Ward's industry and defenses running. He is quite popular amongst the Chancelfolk, especially when there are heavy things that need lifting. His dedication and high spirits are considered an inspiration to all. (Inspiration here is drawn from Exalted: the Alchemicals and various shounen manga.) The Chancel's engineers all dream of becoming involved in the team responsible for Cantrip's maintenance and upkeep, who hold the most prestigious positions imaginable.

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