Aaminah, Duchess of Sand

Domina Inculta, The Desert Maiden

How can I stand it?
Stand what, dear child?
The knowledge that I no longer was trapped, but could not claim my revenge?
Would you believe me if I told you that I grew to not care about my time then?
Heh, I am not surprised.
Especially considering how easy it is to get a sandstorm to swallow a whole village…make it as if nothing was ever there at all.
But I could never do such a thing, of course.
It wouldn't be a proper behavior of one of an Angels Powers, now would it?
- Aaminah, to a clerical worker in her Chancel

Aspect 0 (6 AMPs)

Domain 4 (8 DMPs)

Realm 0 (5 RMPs)

Spirit 0 (5 SMPs)

Queen of Sand

Restriction: Can't cross running water
Respectful of Survivors
Restriction: Summonable (1 MP version)
Revelatory Trait: Whenever she stays too long in an area, sand begins to appear
Limit: Manifestation (Can't hurt someone who has never lacked anything (+2 DMP))
Limit: Can be Permanently Trapped (+1 DMP, +1 AMP)
Affiliation: Code of the Wild


Sanctity of her Estate (5 points)
Her own personal freedom (5 points)
Her Imperator (4 points)
Her Beloved Anchor, and childhood friend, James, a Mayor in her Chancel (2 points)
Her ability to gain spicy food to eat wherever she pleases (2 points)
Respect given to her as a Duchess of Sand (2 points)

The Estate of Sand, beyond Sand itself, deals with people knowing hardship while coming together to survive, strengthening a community.
It deals with a sense of constant struggle against anything that might stand in your way.

Standing at just over 4ft, she is not the tallest Sovereign to walk the Eart, but her face has a serene quality that never goes away, her eyes calmly looking at what the world has to offer at all times, and making the best of it.

The time before Islam appeared in the area, women were treated in horrible ways in the middle east.
Not even a child was an exception to this rule.
Especially not when a Fallen is there to encourage things.
Degraded and treated like cattle at some places, it was more than an Angel could stand to see.
At least, more than the Angel giving her the status of Power could stand for, stretching back through time to grant her the power needed to stand against whatever she might face, while being trained in the Chancel to handle her duty.

Having survived as long as she has, she gained an almost ethereal peace within herself and her position within Creation and, more importantly, her Estate, becoming known as the eternally-calm Duchess of Sand serving the Heavenly Power.
Having fallen so deep in bondage, however, she valued freedom even more than the beauty her Imperator spoke of, and became the voice of the Wild within the Chancel.

Because she had been trapped so long, however, a part of her couldn't escape it, and she can be eternally captured again, if a sufficiently powerful tool is used for it.

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