E'jah C'mi'c'l

Dominus Crucibilis, Power of the Crucible, Worldbreaker, Body of Light

Aspect 1 (8 AMPs)
Domain 0 (5 DMPs)
Realm 0 (5 RMPs)
Spirit 1 (5 SMPs)

Alchemy 5


Handicap: Incorporeal (+2 AMPs)
Handicap: Cannot Guise (+1 AMP)
Restriction: Clearly inhuman
Restriction: Cannot kill
Affiliation: Code of the Light
Virtue: Painstaking

Elijah Carmichael was a floral alchemist who lived during the Regency period in England. His work with the Cleave led him down the path of the search for immortality. He believed that he could rid himself of imperfection and ascend to a new tier of existence by refining himself down to his purest essence. His work caught the attention of Walking-on-Blades, and he was elevated to the office of Power of the Crucible, where he continued his alchemical studies, eventually completing his desired apotheosis and shucking his human form altogether.

E'jah (as he now calls himself, using the 'refined' version of his original name) exists as a pattern of burning light traced upon the air, like a set of glowing equations that flow back and forth, just barely forming a shape vaguely human-sized. It may be possible to read expressions in the math, but no one has admitted to discovering the trick yet. E'jah uses a form of advanced telekinesis to affect the material world, or else interacts through servants transmuted by his alchemical powers.

E'jah's personality (and voice) remain those of a bright, aristocratic English scholar, still possessed of the habits of several centuries ago. He is an agreeable host to those who are willing to talk about the things that interest him, and often makes deals with those who can provide him with something he requires for his experiments. He no longer dwells within his Chancel (in fact, he is actually in exile from it, in order to protect the place from the dangerous fallout a Worldbreaker creates), but maintains a sumptuous mansion and laboratory just outside it.

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