Ergo Sum

Domini of Parts

Aspect 3 (5/5 AMPs)
Domain 0 (5/5 DMPs)
Persona 0 (5/5 PMPs)
Treasure 5 (5/5 TMPs)

Passions and Skills:

Cool 3
Superior Groupthink 3
Goetia 3
Amateur Psychology 2

Bonds and Afflictions:

Bond (5): We bring forth Our selves as needed, or desired.
Affliction (5): We Are All Us: We are a collection of entities who are divisions of an entity while also being that entity.
Bond (3): We respect the Buddha Nature in all things.
Affliction (3): We use the Royal We, and correct people who refer to us in the singular.
Bond (2): We are ambivalent about EVERYTHING.

Estate: Parts

(4)Wholes are made of Parts
(3)Sums are greater than the Whole of their Parts



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