Ink-Lord Vesperius

Ink's-Regal, Dominus Incaustus, the Black King

Aspect 1 (5 AMPs)
Domain 5 (5 DMPs)

  • Ink stains whatever it touches. (2)
  • Ink forms patterns that encode meaning. (3)
  • Ink makes marks that cannot be removed. (2)

Persona 0 (5 RMPs)
Treasure 5 (5 SMPs)


Bond: I must be obeyed by those marked by Ink. (1)
Bond: I dislike uncouth persons. (1)
Bond: I love my books more than anything else. (2)
Bond: Culture is the highest good. (4)
Bond: My words are heard and respected in the Lands Beyond Creation. (3)
Bond: My quill pen writes words that cannot be ignored. (1)
Bond: Demons must respect my authority. (1)
Bond: My inkpot never runs dry. (1)
Affliction: I am an ill-mannered gnome. (2)
Affliction: I must write down everything I know. (2)

Magic (Fairy Glamour) 4
Magic (Demonology) 2
Aristocrat 2
Writing 5

Vesperius, the Ink-Lord is a wrinkled old man about four feet tall, dressed in extremely ornate robes and carrying the golden scepter of a monarch. He commands the written and printed word, and takes more trouble than most to maintain the power of his Estate in the mortal world, controlling many publishing companies and newspapers. Through these intermediaries, he has great power over the minds of mortals worldwide. However, the advent of television and the internet has lessened the stranglehold he once had, and he has become determined to crush these new media.

The Ink-Lord is, essentially, a crochety and ruthless old man who has become extremely set in his ways, but he's willing to abuse his powers just as much for the sake of his Familia as he is for himself- his affection for them, and for those few people he calls a friend- is possibly his only truly noble trait. In fact, they occasionally find that he has gone too far in his zeal to do them good- drowning those who annoy them in a lake of ink or using his mind-affecting powers to send them devoted lovers, uncritical fans, and undeserved success.

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