Lloyd Lyle Lebaron

Dominus Navis, Celestial Navigator, Warden of Sea and Sky, Power of Ships

Aspect 3 (5 AMPs)
Domain 0 (5 DMPs)
Realm 0 (5 RMPs)
Spirit 1 (5 SMPs)

Captain's Call (unique Gift)
Chariot Charm (unique Gift)
Ironsides Blessing (unique Gift)
Celestial Navigator (unique Gift)
Heavenly Shipwright (unique Gift)
Admiral's Inspiration (unique Gift)

Restriction: Prone to telling long stories
Restriction: Hopelessly loves a woman who lives somewhere out in the stars
Restriction: Prevented by duty from leaving Earth-orbit
Affiliation: Code of the Light
Virtue: Devoted


  • the lady from the stars, whoever she may be (5)
  • the sanctity of his Estate and of the sea and sky (5)
  • his floating flagship and Anchor, Heather White (2)
  • his flying flagship and Anchor, Heliotrope (2)
  • his plans for ships that can fly into space (1)
  • his map of the Ash and the worlds and stars (1)
  • the Dove, the first boat he ever piloted (1)
  • Ambrose Storey, his favorite Chancel bartender (1)

Estate: Lloyd's Estate includes all vehicles that move through a medium (as opposed to on it), whether that medium be air, water, or vacuum. He also commands the people who are dedicated to building, repairing, riding, or piloting such vessels.

Design: Lloyd's Design shows White Heather, the flower of Protection and Good Luck, crossed with Heliotrope, the flower of Eternal Devotion, over a background of stars.

Quite some time ago now, a very young man named Lloyd met a beautiful lady as she was walking along the shore. They walked together for a while, and she told him many things: that she came from the stars, that she had come just once to visit and see Earth's oceans, that she could never die while the stars still shone in the sky. He told her only one thing: that he loved her. She smiled, and said, "As things are, I doubt you could be happy with me," for he was only mortal and would one day die. And so, he watched her sail back into the sky and away on her golden ship, and loved her even more for knowing that he would never see her again.

Lloyd Lyle Lebaron grew up to become a sailor, who knew more about ships than any man alive, for he still remembered the vision of the golden ship of stars, which was made with a craft beyond anything found on the Earth. It was for this reason that the Imperator of Ships chose him to become a Power, whose duty it was to guard the vessels that sail the sea and the sky. With this power and majesty, Lloyd longed to sail off into the stars in search of his missing lady, but he could not. War had come to all the worlds, and his duty was to remain on Earth and to guard his Imperator and Estate. Lloyd did not and does not dare violate this duty- to abandon his sacred task of protection would be to betray everything that he is and to lose his chance at earning the love of the lady from the stars forever. So he watches the sky, and maps out the stars with his telescopes, and dreams of the day that the war will end and he can sail out into the stars in search of a woman whose name he does not know.

The Power of Ships has aged slowly- though over a century has passed since his enNoblement, he still appears to be only fifty years old. His hair has become a solid grey, but his body is still strong and his voice carries authority. Within the Chancel, Lloyd is a leader and a planner, using his superior brainpower and boundless energy to organize the projects he wishes to see put forward. His fleet of ships of all kinds has reached truly massive proportions, although much of it remains fenced inside the Chancel or in dry-dock somewhere. The best word to describe his personality is "mellow-" his superhuman Aspect allows him to accomplish almost any goal without apparent effort, and he tends to do most of his thinking on a level so abstracted that he rarely appears to consider his actions before taking them. The only things that stir him to obvious emotion are his obsession with completing his map of the Ash and the stars, and the sight of someone dedicating himself utterly to achieving a treasured desire.

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