Love In Idleness

Love in Idleness, who is also called Eo, but who was allegedly originally named Ming Lei
Power of Blossoming

[3] …is becoming more like yourself
[2] …transforms the potential into the actual
[1] …is brilliance and color and life
[1] …reshapes pain into glory

Aspect 0 - 6/6 MP
Domain 0 - 6/6 MP
Persona 5 - 6/6 MP
Treasure 0 - 6/6 MP

Bond: It is my power and duty to shepherd incipient worlds [4]
Bond: I protect my garden, and in turn, it protects me [2]
Bond: I am almost more flower than human [1]
Affliction: I am forever bound and entangled with The Harvest [2]
Affliction: I always return from pain and death, but never quite the same [3]
Affliction: My scent is alluring to dangerous and unwholesome beings [1]

Superior Skill: Chi Manipulation Kung Fu [2]
Skill: Artist [2]
Skill: Shine [5]
Passion: Joie de vivre! [3]
Passion: I champion the new [1]


Active Immortality

Signature Weapon: Blaze of Color
A slender katana that trails a scintillating aurora of dazzling and even impossible colors in its wake, Blaze of Color is a graceful weapon intended to distract and impress her foes.
[Treasure 5; Simple -1; Local -1; One Trick -3; Uncommon +1? = 1cp]

Paramount Agility
[Aspect 4: Whirling Dervish; Automatic +1; Self -3; Comprehensive -1; Uncommon +1 = 2cp]

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