Niall Lord-of-Days

Duke of Order, Dominus Ordo, the Lord of Days, Father Christmas (deprecated)

Aspect 1 (5 AMPs)
Domain 4 (6 DMPs)
Realm 0 (5 RMPs)
Spirit 0 (5 SMPs)

Secondary Domain (the Holidays) 4


Shapeshifting (comprehensive)
Infinite Inventory Method
Worshipful Hob Creation Technique


Limit: Must obey the laws he creates to keep them in force (+1 DMP)
Restriction: Bound to oversee the ceremonies of the holidays
Affiliation: Code of the Angels
Virtue: Meticulous


  • the sanctity of his Estate (4)
  • Earth, as a suitable habitat for life (4)
  • Christmas, in its spiritual sense (2)
  • his reputation as an organizer (2)
  • his international candy company (2)
  • his goblin fool, Feste Called-to-Bedlam (2)
  • his speculative fiction, written under a psuedonym (2)
  • his friend, the Power of Faith (1)
  • his old red holiday regalia and bag (1)

Estate: Order is system, method, and the imposition of order onto chaos. The Estate's primary associations are craftsmanship, law, and pattern. The Estate of Holidays governs those seasons which are set aside as having a special character. On the relevant days, Niall can perform miracles that resonate with the symbolism of the occasion. If no holiday is currently active, this Estate's miracles can affect only the currently active season of the year- Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter.

Niall derives his mortal ancestry in equal parts from a long line of Scottish lairds and from the faerie descendants of the Imperator Dalmatian, the progenitor of the fae. Exactly what his mortal nature and history was is unknown, for Niall has mastered the art of self-reinvention. Upon his ascension to his Noble crown, he recreated himself entire, reverting into a shapeless mass of personality and body before emerging as an entirely new being. Over the years since that day, he has performed the trick several times more, continuing to refine his conception of what a Power of Order should be.

In the modern age, Niall is a tall man of some fifty years, but still robust and muscular, with only a touch of white edging his red beard. He wears a regal red suit trimmed with white and silver, and keeps his hair tied back under his crown. Although he is charming even to social inferiors, the crown is always present- Niall does not insist that mortals kowtow to him, but he does not forget that he is a Lord. His voice is deep and rich, and he laughs often, especially at the hypocrisies of his colleagues. Even in mockery or remonstration, however, Niall's eyes remain kindly.

Niall's primary pursuit is happiness, both for himself and others. His most noticeable work in the mortal world is the establishment of the calendar and the creation of the holidays. Each of the spirits of the major holidays was originally a hob constructed by Niall's magic, although some have grown to possess some small stature in their own right. These festivals give shape to the year and allow an orderly cycle of time to repeat itself in endless variation, rather than a mere meaningless sequence of events. Niall presides over the ceremonies of each as the Master of the Feast.

His secondary vocation is his position as patron of craftsmen. Various sprites created by him man his workshops, and although he no longer maintains responsibility for supplying toys to the entire globe, he still oversees a fantastically skilled workforce in all the traditional hand crafts. Most of these pieces are sold in order to fund whatever things Niall decides to want, but the real purpose of the workmen is to fill the Chancel with objects of beauty.

Primary Inspirations: Father Christmas, Uncle Iroh, Willy Wonka

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