Nicodemus Moreno


  • [3]…are fleeting treasures, always desired and yet never enough.
  • [2]…are a source of comfort
  • [1]…fill you with energy and contentment
  • [1]…are empty happiness

Aspect 0 (5/5 AMP)
Domain 0 (5/5 DMP)
Persona 1 (5/5 PMP)
Treasure 5 (5/5 TMP)

Bonds and Afflictions
• Bond: Toltecatl's spirit burns within me, and feels almost sweet [4]
• Bond: I wear the Crown of the Bee King, for they are my loyal vassals. [3]
• Bond: My shop is a wonderland of delights unlike anything else in the world [2]
• Bond: My roommates and employees are probably un-things from the Beyond [2]
• Bond: I own the Book of Blood & Chocolate, an Aztec tome containing dangerous potions [2]
• Bond: I love my family [2]
• Affliction: My blood gives power to those who drink it [2]
• Affliction: I smell sexy to Excrucians [1]

Skills and Passions
• Skill: Confectioneer [3]
• Skill: Amazing Sense of Smell [2]
• Passion: I want to be glorious and famous [2]
• Passion: I want to be loved [1]
• Shine [1]

• Durant
• Elusive
• Mad God Mien (Aspect 7: My foes will be bent, broken, and burnt; Hard miracle; Local; Flexible; Rare: 5 CP)

Anchor: the Book of Blood & Chocolate
0: The Book of Blood & Chocolate has no upkeep cost, and can always mentally communicate with Nico, and using it adds 3 Miraculous Will to a relevant Skill or Passion.

1: Nico can shift his consciousness into the Book of Blood & Chocolate.

2: Nico can invoke the Book of Blood & Chocolate as an extension of himself, making it a +1 Tool for the purposes of doing confectionary magic.

3: Nico activates the Book of Blood & Chocolate, allowing him to brew potions and confections with strange magics. He gains 3 Edge when doing so.

4: The Book of Blood & Chocolate does something to help Nico of its own initiative. This is a level 4 miracle if it does something to help or strengthen Nico, but a mundane action if it attacks someone or does something not directly related to him.

4: Nico can summon the Book of Blood & Chocolate from anywhere within the local area.

5: Nico empowers the Book of Blood & Chocolate with miraculous force, giving its defense the strength of a level 5 miracle.

6: Nico amplifies the Book of Blood & Chocolate's power to the scope of a greater miracle, allowing him to produce truly miraculous confections such as the Apocalyptic Apple or an army of Elemintals.

6: Nico uses the dark magic granted to him by the Book of Blood & Chocolate to achieve basically anything, although doing so might take longer than he expects.

7: Nico can instantly summon the Book of Blood & Chocolate from anywhere, and/or have it perform miracles on her own initiative.

8: Nico channels the essence of his being through the Book of Blood & Chocolate, unleashing a dual miracle that combines the fullness of who he is–mad-eyed candy mogul, bitter cynic–with the foulest forms of confectionary sorcery. He can also channel the Estate of Sweets through the Book, performing miracles sufficient to drown a city in molten chocolate.

9: Nico speaks an Imperial Miracle into the world through the Book, imposing a terrible burden of blood and chocolate. This miracle must be sustained for an arbitrary length of time before the effect actually takes place.

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