Quotes From Holden Shearer

Herein is the collected wisdom of Holden "hls" Shearer, writer of the Alchemical Charmset, contributor to the Infernal Charmset, and second Ink Monkey.


Are Mechanics Physics? If only it were so
Exalted is Totally Gay Love it or leave it
The Secret of Exalted You can do anything, but doing things is still perilous.
Decline and Fall of the Age of Dreams Was the fall of the First Age inevitable without Solars?
Essence Six to Ten is a problem


Are Infernals Evil? from Do Infernals HAVE to be evil? (No.)
Green Sun Bullseyes Won't Celestials kill GSPs on sight? (No.)
Green Sun Kings Will the Green Sun Princes replace their patrons? (Oh, yes.)
Cytherea Who is this Cytherea person, anyway?
Thoughts on Yozi Origins Not canon! Don't bother asking!
Yozis, to Infernals How does Hell seem to a Green Sun Prince?
Infernals Ruined 2e? Who is responsible for this? Step forward! Show yourself!


Mice of the Sun Which comes first, the ones in COTD:N or GotMH:US?
Balancing the Solar Splats You see they are roughly equal so it is simple
Solars Fuck Yeah A bedtime story for children who weren't going to sleep anyway


Alchemical Power Levels How do they get so good so quick?
Not the Locust Crusade I will turn this Crusade right around, young man
Thanks From the Ringmaster I'd like to thank all the mortal people…


Troubled Lunar History How did we wind up in this incoherent place?
In Which Lunars Beat Solars a thought experiment in which Luna gets really drunk
Where It All Went Wrong on the 1e Lunars outline
The Lunar Factions you don't need a faction to kill faeries
Fixing the Lunars secret hamster recipe
On Lunar Barbarism throw away your pine cones


Holden on Samsara

Fair Folk

Secret History of the Raksha how it all went down in development


Liminals Were Always There you just didn't notice them

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