Okay, so… Everything in this post is prefaced by a big huge "in my opinion." My opinion informs the things I write, but Cytherea is never getting set down in stone, so ultimately this just remains what I think. And since it will never get set down in stone in print, I guess I can share it.

The current dominant line of thought among some of the writers (including myself) is that Cytherea is basically the Big Bang. The Divine Catalyst. That she was, among the Primordials, an enabler.

My thoughts basically run like this: What does the Charm "Creation Ex Nihilo" look like? Okay, granted, it's probably a group of Charms, but what do they look like? We've had descriptions of the dawn of the First Day of Creation before, the moment of conception. The omphalos took shape, reality spinning out from there, coalescing around the Pole of Earth. We got that back in, what, Fair Folk? Yes. In the Mountain Folk chapter. It happened so suddenly that millions of raksha were caught inside the Pole of Earth as it formed, anyway, crystallized into jade nodules. Considering the kind of ground speeds raksha can clock within the Wyld, or even partially-Wyld areas, racing from waypoint to waypoint at the speed of storytelling, that had to happen pretty goddamn fast.

I know what a Primordial/Yozi Essence pool looks like, on average, and while it's big, it's not that big. What would it take to power an act like that? A kilomote doesn't seem like it would even scratch the surface. So we're talking tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of motes poured into Creation to catalyze its birth. I think Cytherea was another weirdo Primordial, not tremendously powerful or capable by herself, but with a proportionately titanic Essence pool and an array of amplification Charms and Essence-Lending Method equivalents. I think Gaia supplied the fundament of the world via her Charms, and Cytherea powered the effort.

(They may have been in the 69 position at the time.)

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