Shun The Smiling Lady

This Charm is Rather Mean!

Yes. It is.

All I know is, if they were handing out superpowers, and I got Shun the Smiling Lady, I'd be ringing up the guy with Master Horseman's Eye, saying, "So, hey, I've got this super-overpowered Sidereal Charm, I mean, people are *begging* to nerf it, it's, like, godly, so, um, want to trade?"

And after he was done laughing, I'd say, "I'll throw in a puppy! Puppies are cute!" And what could he say to *that?* I mean, you know, PUPPY.

I know that there are some people, conversely, who'd dance in the streets randomly striking people out of the book of love. Just 'cause they're bastards. These are the same people who'd use that first-tier Solar Investigation Charm to tell everyone in town who's sleeping with everyone else, use Lunar porcupine Charms in bed, and God help us if they ever become Abyssals. :)

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