Solars Fuck Yeah

(UCS) "These Exaltations won't catalyze. What am I doing wrong?"
(Autochthon) "Let me see that. Hm. Are you putting everything you have into this?"
(UCS) "Of course not. Nothing can withstand that."
(Autochthon) "These Exaltations are insufficiently awesome. You must push yourself to your limits."
(UCS) "But I have none."
(Autochthon) "Nevertheless."
(UCS) "Very well—but I warned you."

And on that day the sun flared so that it encompassed the entire sky, and Creation was taken with terror and wonder. Luna rose ahead of schedule to shield the world from that unbearable light, and beneath the apocalyptic vision of this eclipse, the first Exalted began to take the Second Breath…

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