Subordinate Inspiration Technique

FourWillowsWeeping posted:

It's a limited form of controlling a person's thoughts. If some thought pops into your head, you are not, generally, going to say, "That's not something I would think. Whatever." You are going to probably stop and try to convince yourself that you're not dumb.

Fourwillows is correct.

First example: 15 minutes ago, while we were drinking tea, my landlady jumped up, shouted, "Boxing Parrot!" and went off to throw mock-punches at the parrot cage. This is intended as an illustration of how thoroughly and carefully people question their impulses and internal monologue before acting on it.

Second example:

Yueh sat in her office. She looked out her window, thinking.

"So much to do. So many must die. The world's all out of whack. I should tend to that matter in the East, I guess."

She sighed and straightened. Her thoughts continued.

"Tomorrow is Chejop Kejak's birthday. Oh, God, I bet he expects presents from everyone. If I don't give him a really good one, I might get demoted. What does he like? Oh, that's right, he likes My Little Mouth of Peace voodoo dolls. I wonder where I can - I can get really great ones down by the District of Fainting Gods. I'm sure I remember there being a little shop. Can't remember when I was passing by there, but yah, there was a *shop*. Cool. I'll go get him a voodoo doll. Then I'll ship it to his house in case I don't get invited to the party! I should squawk like a parrot. No, I shouldn't. That'd be silly."

There's a pause.

"I bet it'd be really cool if I squawked like a parrot. I bet I could squawk better than *anyone*. It's silly. Guys really like squawking. I should practice my squawk. What's the harm? I mean, yes, it's kind of embarrassing, but I'm a Sidereal Exalt, I shouldn't let embarrassment stop me. Here I go. I'm going to. I'll show all those people who thought I'd never squawk!"

Alone in her office, Yueh squawked. Then she blushed.

Rebecca\ Yueh's actual thoughts are in italics. No, Kejak couldn't tell what they were.

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