The Lunar Factions

They don't make sense. Let's run them down, keeping in mind the whole time that Lunars are separated by vast distances and that the point of having a faction is to provide mutual aid, assistance, and protection to that faction's members.

So we have the Crossroads Society, who are basically a bunch of silver Twilights. Okay, this is the one faction that gets a pass from me- they're basically a large, extended study circle, and they make sense in that context. They swap research and lore and sometimes get together to help educate freshly Exalted No Moons. They're like the sorcerers' clubs that have existed among all civilized Exalted factions through all of history.

That's fine, and that makes sense. That's how sorcery and advanced mystical engineering work in Exalted.

They don't really work in the sense of "there are five big factions vying with one another" or anything- but it makes sense that Lunars with that interest would talk to one another. So, okay.

Then you have the Swords of Luna, who are uh, the guys what kill faeries. Okay, faeries are assholes, and they live in the same place the raksha do, so it makes sense that a lot of Lunars would spend a fair bit of time tussling with the raksha.

But I mean, is that it? Do they get together to swap tips on killing raksha or…? I mean, it's not really that their agenda doesn't make sense so much as that it's not enough to be a main agenda, certainly not set up against the other four. It just seems like a thing Lunars who live in the Wyld do, some of them more than others. This one isn't really nonsensical so much as unnecessary. It doesn't need to exist as a faction. They don't exactly have to roam far and wide and employ specialized methods to kill raksha, after all. They live right next door.

Also, until very recently, you couldn't run raksha as series antagonists because they melted on contact with any kind of hostile Exalt. So you can't really build a game around the Swords of Luna- no recurring NPCs, just an endless mook-killing exercise. Hell with that.

These days, the raksha milieu is complex enough to make the Swords of Luna seem dull and thuggish.

Okay, moving on, the Wardens of Gaia make no fucking sense. Is this just a Werewolf throwback? Why do Lunars care about preserving the natural world? Luna loves Gaia, sure, but you can count on one hand the number of living Lunars that have ever met Gaia. So she's just a peripheral mythological figure for them- that's a hell of a lot to ask to form a faction around.

In their modern incarnation they're a kind of senseless mishmash of ecoterrorism and Wyld-mutant-centric Thousand Streams River… eh? What? What are they even trying to do? Why do they associate?

The Sun King Seneschals likewise have all kinds of problems. One of their biggest issues is that they're consistently written to be idiots— either they're naive morons, or they're schemers in the vein of the Gold Faction only vastly less sophisticated. This feels like a clumsy sop to "some people want to tell Solar-Lunar stories."

Granted, they're the only faction that really makes sense AS A FACTION, but that still feels wrong— the bond is a very intensely personal thing for every Lunar, and it's been out of commission for 1500 years. It should have a much larger place in Lunar history than just "the stupid faction."

Finally, the Winding Path makes no sense. I mean, it's very simple— this is the Thousand Streams River faction— but why the hell is that a faction? Nobody's agenda gets in the way of theirs except I guess the Seneschals. But most of all, they don't need to work together. The last thing you want is another Lunar coming in and messing with your project. In fact, you want them to stay the hell away. The most these guys would do with one another is engage in a little quid-pro-quo trading muscle or expertise. That's simple one-to-one dickering, that doesn't need to be a faction.

Basically all of the factions are focused on things that are either irrelevant or too small to be defining to Lunars or they just don't make any sense.

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