The Secret Of Exalted

Obviously, endless cakewalks get boring, but here's the secret of Exalted:

Cleaning out the Temple of the Lizardmen and slaying the blasphemous dark god they just summoned isn't the challenge of the game. Your Solars are supposed to have the power to do that, and without it being an uphill hundred-to-one-odds hail mary miracle victory.

The thing a Solar may want to do as a hero, and which nobody in the setting has ever yet managed, is to create lasting peace, equitable and fair government, enduring happiness and boundless opportunity. Note lasting, as in, without a subset of those things being temporarily gained in such a way that it ensures later strife and calamity. To rule with grace and wisdom—there is no Charm for this. And if it seems that the best thing is not to rule, then to determine how best to wisely use the great power one has been granted—there is no Charm for this. To create a perfect world—there is no Charm for this, although there are Charms to create worlds.

The point of Exalted, behind all the exploding cities and riotously fun punch-ups with behemoths and gods, is that given the power to easily (or even manageably) change the world, changing the world is still a task fraught with peril and unintended consequences and that power alone is not sufficient and has never been sufficient to solve the eternal dilemmas of the world.

The actual military maneuvers by which the Primordial War was brought to a conclusion are fun to play through but they're not really the point of the War, at all. They're almost superfluous, to be honest.

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