Yozis, To Infernals

Worth remembering: Very few savants in Creation have any kind of decent idea of what the Yozis are, as a group, or how they work, much less in-depth psychological profiles of particular titans or a clear view of the history of the setting. Popping out of the Chrysalis Grotesque doesn't automatically fill your head with all the information in RoGDII and Infernals, either.

All you are likely to know at that point is that the weird scary/beautiful hell-gods helped you when you were down in the dirt and nobody else would. And now they took you to Hell and all the monsters are treating you like a celebrity and fawning over you rather than eating you and hey, that one over there has a pretty nice rack—hey wow she's coming onto you!—this isn't so bad. Shit, you get your own town house? And magic items of power! This is great!

What? Now that you're as strong as twenty men, they need you to help them out, cuz they're as screwed right now as you were, in their own way? Well, that seems fair, especially after that Ligier fellow explained what a bunch of jerkoffs the gods really are.

That honeymoon period can't last forever, but the behavior of young GSPs wholeheartedly throwing themselves into the Reclamation makes plenty of sense… for a while. Keeping them out of Hell and in Creation with minimal exposure to their bosses helps here.

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