Sandbox Hearts, Part Three

<BFP> So, Edith's story was finished last night.

<BFP> Maybe we can spelunk a bit?

<Sarck> If you wish.

<Sarck> Actually, I'd like to, yes. Spelunking has always been fun.

<BFP> Okay, one minute.

<Sarck> Um

<BFP> Ah!

<BFP> Sorry, being embroiled in an IRC discussion.

<BFP> Beg your pardon.

<BFP> Tell me about how you plan to go about your heart-finding.

<Sarck> Well, I suppose I'm already there. One question

<Sarck> If I'm immortal, does that mean I can be hurt physically, but it doesn't kill me?

<BFP> You mostly just can't be hurt at all.

<BFP> Stuff bounces off, won't pierce your skin, has no effect.

<Sarck> Can I melt?

<BFP> No.

<BFP> Only miraculous attacks will ever harm you.

<Sarck> Well, then I suppose I'd like to just jump into the volcano

<Sarck> And swim through lava until I can find the heart

<Sarck> I assume I can see, if not normally, miraculously

<BFP> Hm, I don't think St. Helens is just a pool of lava on top of a mountain.

<BFP> All the molten stuff is deep down, at the bottom of very long shafts.

<BFP> Far, far, under the mountain.

<Sarck> Good, then I can simply jump into the top without the lava business. Normally it'd kill me from the gasses and such

<Sarck> but being immortal prevents that

<Sarck> I think that'd be the fastest way

<Sarck> Unless that's stopped up by now

<BFP> Okay, you fall, bumping quite a lot, not that you care.

<Sarck> huzzah

<BFP> It's dark, and you're lying on the ground somewhere.

<BFP> Unhurt, but quite dirty.

<Sarck> oh, um

<Sarck> I thought you just wanted the vague plan, but if I'm doing it, I'd like to have some kind of strong rope and climbing kit. Maybe buy it from people around, or steal it and have the disappearance unnoticed.

<BFP> I assume there's one in the Chancel you can bring along.

<Sarck> Then I'll bring that

<Sarck> I need a way out of the mountain either way

<BFP> Okay, so you're going to rappell down the main shaft.

<BFP> *rappel

<BFP> *rappel?

<Sarck> Yes, either that or just hook up the rope and hold onto it as I plummet

<BFP> Okay.

<BFP> You reach the end of your rope.

<BFP> You're still hanging in the tunnel with no end in sight.

<BFP> The rope was 750 meters long (really good rope).

<Sarck> Indeed… hmm. Well, I'll leave it here and just plummet the rest of the way. I guess causing an eruption would be a way out…

<BFP> I repeat, it's dark, and you're on the ground somewhere.

<BFP> You fell quite a long way.

<Sarck> I suppose I could use an aspect miracle to see in the dark?

<BFP> Sure, why not?

<Sarck> Or light my lighter which I guess I have in my pocket?

<BFP> You fell until the tunnel ceased to be straight. Now it's curving off to the side.

<BFP> I note that you could also create light using magic.

<Sarck> That would draw notice from the mole people

<BFP> Very well.

<Sarck> I guess I'll go down the curved bit

<BFP> You continue down the funky tunnel.

<BFP> After a while, you start to see strange specks of light from shiny bits of minerals in the tunnel walls.

<BFP> And you hear strange noises, like something is singing.

<BFP> But no telling where it is.

<Sarck> Wonderful. Viktor's going crazy.

<BFP> Eventually, you come to an enormous cavern filled with purple rocks, maybe amethyst.

<BFP> Who knows.

<BFP> It's pretty big, and it seems like there are a bunch of ways out.

<Sarck> Can I hear where the singing is coming from in here?

<Sarck> Like, by listening to the various tunnels

<BFP> It's so echoey!

<BFP> Maybe if you used Aspect./

<Sarck> Boo echos. I could waste time my plugging up all of the holes and then opening them sequentially.

<Sarck> by*

<Sarck> Or I could do that.

<BFP> Let's say Aspect 2? Yes/No?

<Sarck> Sure, hearing through echos sounds legendary(?)

<Sarck> er'

<Sarck> world-record-y

<BFP> All right, 1.

<Sarck> I do that then.

<BFP> Okay, you triangulate on the sounds using some very dull math.

<Sarck> I'll follow that. Following singing sounds better than wandering.

<BFP> You eventually find a room where red fluid, warm and viscous, is dripping from mineral veins in the walls.

<BFP> It's making the strange noises.

<Sarck> Hm. A pickaxe would be really useful right now.

<BFP> The question is, why does liquid sing?

<Sarck> well, since the fluid can't /kill/ me, I go and… I dunno, touch it.

<Sarck> See what it does. Parlay.

<BFP> It's warm, and a bit sticky.

<BFP> Also, that only applies to pirates.

<Sarck> If nothing results, I'll ask it why it's singing.

<BFP> Pirates are cool, and you are the Death of Cool/

<BFP> So, switching to Mythic!

<BFP> ?

<Sarck> yes

<Sarck> that's a good idea

<Sarck> I was going to converse with inanimate objects, but that's a better idea

<BFP> In the mythic world, the liquid is a crew of dwarves, swimming through the metal as though it was water, most of them red.

<BFP> Some of them are falling out of the vein and onto the floor, and they're moaning a bit.

<BFP> Action?

<Sarck> Ask them what they're doing.

<BFP> "I'm drowning, fool!"

<Sarck> I suppose I'll grab any protruding bit out of the talkative one and try to pull him out

<BFP> This particular one is on the ground, looking unhappy.

<BFP> You pick him up by his ears, and he squirms.

<Sarck> "Why exactly were you drowning in metal?"

<BFP> "I'm drowning right now, idiot!"

<BFP> "I can't breathe!"

<Sarck> Do the other dwarves in the metal seem to be okay?

<BFP> Yes, they're swimming along and along!

<BFP> Getting on swimmingly.

<Sarck> Then I throw him into the metal

<BFP> Okay.

<Sarck> And then procede to ask him who he is and what he is doing here

<BFP> He seems to be happier now, but he's having trouble staying in owing to the leak in the vein.

<Sarck> I pick he other ones up and throw them in, and look for a way to plug the leak

<Sarck> the*

<Sarck> If he proves to be recalcitrant

<BFP> "I live here! I am Finn MacMacEntyre, red blood dwarf!"

<Sarck> "What is a red blood dwarf and why is one (or however many there are) here?"

<BFP> "We are legion! We carry air from one part of the mountain to another!"

<Sarck> "Do you serve the mountain (dragon, whatever)?"

<BFP> "Who does your blood serve, human?"

<Sarck> "Good answer. Where is the heart of the mountain?"

<BFP> "Some distance from here. Why do you seek the sacred heart?"

<Sarck> "It is of no notice to you." I use Domain miracle level 4 to make that bit of information too boring for him to consider.

<BFP> "…You're right, that's not important."

<BFP> "The heart is some distance upwards and to the north. This vein flows away from it, though."

<Sarck> "Can you show me a way to the heart?"

<BFP> "You could take the vein through one of the organs until it leads to an artery."

<BFP> "One of those would lead you to the heart."

<Sarck> "How will I know when I'm in an artery?" <BFP> "It's blue!"

<Sarck> "Thank you." I use a lesser creation of boredom to make this meeting to boring for him to remember (if that's possible) and do the same to make my presence incredibly dull.

<Sarck> And then see if I can get inside the vein.

<BFP> Okay, you climb into the vein and start swimming along.

<BFP> There's lots of little red dwarves, and maybe a few white ones.

<BFP> Ouch!

<BFP> The little white ones are sticking you with their axes!

<Sarck> Even with me being very boring?

<Sarck> Either way, I ignore them and continue if they don't do anything other than poking me.

<BFP> Fair enough.

<BFP> Hm, starting to get late. I can't stay up too long tonight.

<BFP> Now I'm wondering where I ought to send you.

<Sarck> That's not an exactly pleasant thing to know.

<Sarck> If I switch to prosaic view, what do I see?

<BFP> You eventually are dropped out into a giant cavern, where you fall for a very long way, buffeted by the wind.

<BFP> Prosaically… I don't know, a very large windy cavern, much less fleshy.

<Sarck> Kay, I'll stay in mythic for right now

<BFP> You eventually hit bottom, where you bounce, as though the wall of the place was springy.

<BFP> There's a sound of wind all around you, blowing into the cavern and then being sucked out.

<Sarck> Otherwise, the cavern is entirely empty?

<BFP> Well, the wind is talking mythic wind, but otherwise yes.

<Sarck> "Hello, wind."

<BFP> "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!"

<BFP> Wind is excitable.

<Sarck> "Um, where am I? The heart of the mountain?"

<BFP> "I don't know! I'm so scared! It's so dark in here!"

<BFP> "Are you scared? Do you scare easily? Should I be scared?"

<Sarck> I sigh and use a lesser creation of boredom to make it less excited by everything, if that'll even work.

<BFP> "Oh, wait. Life is meaningless."

<BFP> "My suddenly finding myself here is meaningless and should not be noticed."

<Sarck> I use a lesser destruction of boredom to make the earlier boredom go away from the idea and act of helping me find what I'm looking for.

<BFP> It wasn't bored with that.

<BFP> It's just crazy ADHD.

<Sarck> I thought I made it bored of everything.

<Sarck> so making it obsessed with helping me seems a viable option

<BFP> Oh, that boredom.

<BFP> "Sir! What can I do for you, sir?"

<Sarck> "Tell me where I am."

<BFP> "I don't know! I was flying around, then I was sucked into the mountain!"

<Sarck> "Did you see anything on the way in?"

<BFP> "Darkness."

<Sarck> Ok, wind is not useful.

<Sarck> Hm.

<Sarck> "Go back to what you were doing." Lesser destruction of boredom to destroy all of my implied boredom, and I turn to talk to the cavern.

<BFP> You can just dismiss miracles, which is useful.

<Sarck> Alright, either way it costs nothing :/

<Sarck> "Are you the heart of the mountain?"

<BFP> "No."

<BFP> Do parts of things have their own spirit? I wonder.

<Sarck> It says /everything/

<Sarck> So I assumed

<BFP> I suppose you're right.

<Sarck> "Do you know where it is?"

<BFP> "At the center of things, where no man can enter and leave."

<BFP> "In the great city of the damned."

<Sarck> "Good thing I'm not a man. Which direction is that?"

<BFP> "Follow the arteries to the heart. You were warned."

<Sarck> "Thanks."

<Sarck> Can I see a tunnel out of here, other than the one I dropped out of?

<BFP> There are red and blue mineral veins in the walls.

<Sarck> I'll go to the blue one and get in.

<BFP> You swim through blue metal alongside a bunch of tired-looking blue dwarves.

<BFP> Eventually, you're dropped into a strange red chamber filled with the red metal, but luckily, it's quite easy to see your way around.

<BFP> The place looks like a large city, filled with dwarves, and somehow, humans.

<BFP> In the center of the city, some distance away, you can see a great pulsing red sphere beating about once per second.

<Sarck> I'm still cloaked with boredom, right?

<BFP> Yes, more or less.

<Sarck> Are there guards for the city?

<BFP> Nope, just people wandering around.

<BFP> The walls and floors are filled with veins of shiny metal.

<Sarck> I'll head towards the sphere.

<BFP> They're all trying to mine it out.

<BFP> Okay, it's a burning red sphere of flame about a foot wide.

<BFP> Little lines of fire are shooting out of it occasionally and turnin the blue dwarves red.

<BFP> A bunch of humans are standing around staring up at it like they want to sleep with it.

<BFP> It's around ten feet in the air.

<Sarck> Somehow, I really dread what'll happen if I just grab it.

<Sarck> I switch to prosaic view, just to see.

<BFP> Ouch! You're swimming in lava!

<Sarck> Can I see anything?

<BFP> More lava!

<Sarck> Ow.

<Sarck> I switch back.

<Sarck> I guess I ask one of the humans what they are doing.

<BFP> "Mine… mine… it's mine… mine…"

<Sarck> Are there any ladders nearby?

<Sarck> I mean, most likely if there were they'd be climbing them, but it's always good to ask.

<BFP> Nope.

<Sarck> Rocks?

<Sarck> Like, pebbles maybe.

<BFP> Buildings and things. Pretty shaky, though.

<Sarck> Could I take part of a building or something and either stand on it or hit the sphere out of the air?

<Sarck> Actually, no, scratch that

<Sarck> How big of a miracle would it take to make the sphere really boring?

<BFP> Lesser Creation, I guess.

<BFP> You try, but it sort of seems to slide off.

<BFP> There's some odd power in the heart.

<BFP> Whatever effect is enthralling the mortals.

<BFP> You're starting to feel it, too.

<BFP> It's so shiny and beautiful!

<BFP> You want to take it and make it all yours.

<Sarck> Well, I already did, kinda.

<Sarck> If it's what I think it is.

<Sarck> Can I, by making some kind of stool or something, grab the sphere?

<BFP> If you had a ten-foot stool.

<Sarck> How about a ten-foot long something to hit the sphere with?

<BFP> Maybe! You aren't sure what's holding it in place.

<Sarck> Hm. I'll go ask a dwarf what it is.

<BFP> "It is the Sacred Heart of the mountain!

<BFP> Bow! Bow!"

<Sarck> "What are those mortals doing?"

<BFP> "Worshipping the sacred heart!"

<Sarck> "But why?" (I have nothing better to ask)

<BFP> The dwarf gives you a funny look, like it can't understand the question.

<Sarck> "How is the sacred heart floating?"

<BFP> "Holiness!"

<Sarck> I'm tempted to ask him if I can use him and his fellows as a ladder, as that'd be more useful… Hm.

<Sarck> I go back to the heart and ask it how it is floating.

<BFP> "Love me! Desire me only! Worship me!"

<Sarck> Can't believe I didn't see that coming.

<Sarck> How much of an aspect miracle would it be to jump up to the sphere and grab it

<Sarck> ?

<BFP> Three?

<BFP> Maybe two.

<Sarck> I guess I am whitey, and whitey can't jump…

<BFP> Okay, you jump up and grab the sphere.

<Sarck> Yes

<BFP> It shakes, but it doesn't fall, so you hang on.

<Sarck> Nothing else happens?

<BFP> You feel like it's sort of bobbling around under your weight.

<Sarck> I yell at a human and make lewd jokes about the sphere?

<Sarck> Whilst holding onto it

<BFP> He screams at you, but can't reach you.

<Sarck> How pissed do you think I'd need to make him to get him to get his friends to make a man-ladder to get at me?

<Sarck> I switch to prosaic view, either way. What do I have in my hands?

<BFP> A rock.

<BFP> And you're still floating in magma.

<Sarck> Can I move the rock?

<BFP> Hard to say, you've got no way of knowing whether you're going anywhere or not.

<Sarck> Hm. Can I tell which way is up?

<BFP> I suppose, but only vaguely.

<BFP> You're basically underwater.

<Sarck> But really hot, murky water

<Sarck> Hmph.

<Sarck> I grab the rock and try to put it in my pocket

<Sarck> If I can find a pocket. If my clothes are protected by my immortality

<Sarck> Fuck, I'm probably naked now. Yay.

<BFP> In theory, they aren't, but I'll indulge you today.

<Sarck> Huzzah

<BFP> It's harder than it should be to move the thing.

<BFP> How many AMPs have you got left?

<Sarck> three if you go with the idea that I used a lighter to see and jumping only cost two

<BFP> I might let you pull it out of place with an Aspect 4 miracle today.

<Sarck> I have aspect 0… ><

<Sarck> can I use the rite of the last trump to move some SMP over to AMP?

<BFP> Yes.

<BFP> You'd need 4.

<BFP> I think.

<BFP> Yes, 4.

<Sarck> K, then I move one over so I have a total of four AMP, and pull the rock/heart out of place.

<BFP> You yank the heart into your grasp, and it suddenly begins to pulse and scream.

<BFP> You hear the shouts of the worshippers as you fall to the ground and they swarm over you.

<BFP> It's pretty much a riot with a bunch of lunatics screaming "Mine!"

<Sarck> I get up as best I can and run to any nearby red mineral veins.

<BFP> The cavern is in chaos, and the veins are dead and dry. The metal has ceased to move.

<BFP> Dwarves with axes are charging you.

<Sarck> Lesser creation of boredom to make them really bored with remembering how to control their bodies

<Sarck> And I look for any other possible exit

<BFP> I guess you can just take the vein and swim without a current.

<BFP> Or maybe the cave falls in on you

<BFP> You did just sort of slay the dragon.

<Sarck> Indeed, can I at least try to jump in a vein first?

<BFP> You can try!

<BFP> So you do.

<Sarck> It's better than being stuck underground forever.

<BFP> There's lots of rumbling, shaking, noise, and eventually the mountain bleeds you out as it erupts one final time.

<Sarck> Wheee!

<BFP> So, you escape with the firey heart of the mountain in your pocket.

<BFP> It's bled down to about normal heart-size.

<BFP> Almost like a nicely-sized ruby.

<Sarck> Is it mythically alive still, or dead as well?

<BFP> It's mythically dead.

<BFP> Prosaically, the volcano has ceased activity.

<Sarck> Allright, Viktor heads back to the chancel, triumphant and rather unpleasently weathered.

<BFP> That makes three hearts for us.

<BFP> Now we just need the wind Alan was sent after.

<BFP> And… I forgot to nick to HollyhockGod.

<Sarck> Huzzah. But I suppose that's for tomorrow?

<Sarck> I forgot Viktor

<BFP> That means it was all unofficial and we have to start over.

<Sarck> Aw, damn.

<BFP> All right.

<Sarck> And I thought I was rather dashing too.

<BFP> I'll discuss it tomorrow.

<BFP> Well, if you weren't dashing, I won't tell anybody.

<BFP> Just change clothes before you get home.

<Sarck> Thank you.

<Sarck> Alright, sleepy time now.

<Sarck> Goodnight, BFP. That was interesting.

<BFP> I'm glad we had fun.

<BFP> That means it's your turn to put the log on the wiki.

<Sarck> That's the last time I say I had fun with /anything/

<BFP> Dear me.

<BFP> You've turned into your character!

<BFP> Bad in your case, good in TAPs.

<BFP> In the other cases I couldn't say.

<BFP> I'll probably be inhabited by all my NPCs at once.

<Sarck> True. I can't remember how to copy-past stuff from IRC, what do you do again?

<Sarck> paste*

<BFP> Do you log conversations?

<Sarck> No, not really

<BFP> Then I'll have to do it.

<Sarck> Now I feel bad.

<Sarck> Oh well.

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