Sudden Reversal

Movement of Death (6), Automatic (+1), One Target (-2), Handful of Applications (-2), Uncommon (+1), 4 CPs total

When the possessor of this Gift is on the receiving end of what should be a killing blow (any mundane or miraculous action intended to kill), this Gift turns dharma around and delivers the death to the killer instead.

Try to shoot someone with this miracle in the back, and the bullet may ricochet and strike you instead—or the gun may backfire explosively. Call down lightning and it will not strike correctly. The connection need not be so obvious—snipers are sometimes felled by stray muggings, poisoners hit by busses, and so forth. However because the death is being moved it generally tends to drag the means with it, sometimes even into absurdity—for instance poisoners failing to kill with a glass full of cyanide but suddenly becoming fatally allergic to the wine they are drinking in celebration of a successful assassination.

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