Aubergine Adrigan

Aubergine Adrigan, Excrucian Deceiver

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0CP
The Games of Aubergine Adrigan
1 …are a diversion from the world
1 …are played without mercy
1 …have rules dictated by Aubergine Adrigan
1 …absorb your senses completely
1 …have no meaning in themselves
1 …demand to be played
1 …are always fair
Persona 7 5 PMP 21CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: Teaching chess… (2)
Skill: Elderly Woman… (1)
Skill: Games… (4)
Cool (1)
Shine (7)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I always play fair… (4)
Affliction: I always have a game to play, no matter where I am… (1)
Bond: I will win the game… (5)
Bond: It all drained out of me… (3)



Second Skins

That would be telling! ;-)


She still plays chess in the park every day. She’s 3-1 against the young man sitting across the board today. She never uses her powers to beat mortals; it wouldn’t be fair (Well, except that time with Fischer, but he was such an ass about women playing the game and it made her so mad and, well, it wasn’t a proud moment, for her).

She wishes it had come in a flash. It did for the others; she’s heard stories of terrible betrayals and tragic deaths and whole continents falling into the sea. She wishes it had been like that for her; a melodramatic story to reveal with tears in her eyes that would shake the hearts of those who defend The Lie.

Don’t get the wrong idea: She knows full well that this is a silly and childish fantasy. She knows full well that it can’t have been fun when Mu was falling into the sea (She never liked swimming). She knows it’s stupid to wish a lover had sold her out to the authorities (She was married happily for forty years). She knows this. It doesn’t stop her from wanting a more romantic story.

It’s not that she hasn’t had tragedy in her life; anybody of her age has seen many friends and family die, has dealt with disease and hardship and chronic pain. But that’s not why she’s like this. If anything her life has been easier than those of most of the other old folks who walk in this park. No, she never felt right, from childhood. Ever since she can remember, each day was greyer, blander, and less real than the last. Each day there was less to see, or love, or care about. And then one day there was so little left that she could see beyond this false world, to the truth beyond. It’s not really a world, this, it’s more like… more like a sort of a game.

“Checkmate!” says the young man, triumphantly.

Time to put the pieces away.

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