The Gateway

One of the earlier Chancels, aligned to the Light.

It consists of an area 100x100 miles, where the inhabitants are subjected to the rule of the Nobles.

It is an ordered, pleasant place with hills and clear rivers, where the population for the most part are very hard workers.
The total population is around 200 000 humans, at the moment, centered on several smaller towns across the land while living in mediterranean towns of old.

In the centre of the Chancel, there is a tall mountain, covered in temples to the Ymera as well as the ideals of humanity as espoused by the Light.

On top of the mountain, lies the Senate, a splendid building with inspiration from the roman age.
Above the entrance to the Senate are the words "Perssona - Pietas - Violare" in blazing script that never fades.

As for the senate itself, it is vast, capable of holding thousands of humans within it, and there is constantly a small trickle of petitioners moving up to it to plead for mercy or favors from the Nobles who rule the Chancel.

Deep in the Senate, there is a room, called the Chamber of Judging, where the Nobles sometimes appear to hear the words of their inhabitants.
In this room, there is a marble desk, with 3 chairs for the Nobles to sit in.

The chairs are placed so that they look down on a complete chamber room, complete with rows of benches and a speaking area for the defendant.

Above the room, opposite of the chairs for the Nobles, rests the place where a statue of the Ymera is, the Triple Goddess carved from the purest of marble.
The statue shows their Ymera, Our Blessed Lady of the Triune, with the nature of Transgression, as a young and sexually overt woman, which morphs into a mother with a smiling mask covering her features and finally ending with a crone who is dominant and full of pride.
The statue has been known to speak through some or all of its mouths, speaking to her Nobles as she pleases.

Realm's Heart
The Realm's Heart is placed in the woods, a gloomy place full of mystery.
There, inside a cave, rests the body of the Ymera, while her being wages war against hte Excrucians.
Diana, the Erus of the Realm, is the Nature Spirit of the forest the Ymera has placed the cave in, guarding it from any danger that should ever arrive to strike at her.
Around Diana, Leanne - the Anchor of Mask's-Regal - has been placed as an early warning sign, from where Mask's-Regal can hide the area from intruders, should he wish for it.
Around the place the Ymera has placed her body, there have been strange creatures appearing, almost like the fey, but without the inimical attitude towards humanity that those inhabiting the Dark Chancels tend to have.

The Allied Chancel
The Powers of Triune have a connection to an allied Chancel with friendly power, through which there exists a two-way gateway between their Chancel.
The Powers inhabiting this Chancel are called Control, Empathy and Family, serving an Angelic Imperator.

Chancel Properties
Convenient (2 points)
Magical Inhabitants (1 point)
Spirit Gateway to allied Imperator/Friendly Powers (2 points)
Technology Barrier (1 point)

Assertive Realm's Heart Erus, Diana (+2 Chancel Points)
Deviant Technology (+1 point)

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