Transcendent Foresight

Major Change of the Self, limited use (-2), self only (-3), automatic (+1), 5 CP total

This Gift completely transforms the context of the user's existence. Instead of a physical being existing in the present, she becomes a creature who can act only in the past, although she perceives the present as normal. From the perspective of other observes, she exists in no particular location and cannot be found. In order to affect the present, she may decide retroactively at any point to have taken an action, changing the present so that that action did in fact occur. For example, if she wishes to communicate, she may retroactively write a note and leave it in a place where it will be discovered at the appropriate time, or create a computerized message set to display when it is needed.

This Gift is unable to rewrite the causality of miraculous beings. If a Noble was observing a location at a time when she wishes to take an action, she must sneak by him in order to act out her intention.

This Gift assumes that the character possesses a physical body- she may take physical actions, leave video or audio recordings of herself behind, and appear personally in the memories of mortals- but that body never makes a direct appearance in the narrative. Effectively, no matter where you look for her, you always "just missed her." This Gift automatically contests any attempts to locate or catch up to the user, but advanced miracles that can affect time or track down a target with godlike skill may be able to bring her to bay and force a confrontation in the present.

From an in-character perspective, this Gift represents an uncanny ability to predict the future and a resistance to being tracked or located, rather than an ability to affect the past.

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